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What Has Been Happening To Manpower And What Is Learned From The Change?

Ideally, it is apparent that globalization brings a different shift in modern society. Initially, it is evident that manpower had a stable labour market, and that was evident around 1993. The focus was on the use of the traditional approaches, which were costly and time-consuming to a certain extent. Clerical and industrial staffing was also evident during the period. Globalization came into play and made a dramatic shift in the employment landscape. That is also as a result of the rapid advancement in technology, which makes it possible to unify operations and cut on costs (Slagter, 2007).

Ideally, competition is taking a different shift, and there is a need to employ the most effective approaches that ensure a competitive edge. Initially, it was necessary to have sub-systems operating in various departments. In such a case, it was an uphill task getting the results in a unified manner. The approach was time-consuming. Even though advancements in technology are helpful within the organization, they also present certain negative impacts that might hurt the organization to a certain extent. Resistance to change is also a big challenge, and it is imperative to work on the most effective approach to limit it in the organization.

From the change, it is learned that effective measures are necessary to thwart resistance. Such an instance makes it possible to succeed in the implementation. Moreover, there is a need to allocate costs associated with the implementation of the latest technology within the organization (Slagter, 2007). Even though technology is helpful in promoting efficiency and effectiveness within the organization, it is prudent to have the right skills at any given instance that will foster success. Investing in the wrong technology is such a big challenge, and organizations should use the right approaches to avoid such a mistake and foster operations.

Please locate and identify yourself in the global picture of the “workforce.” Explain and predict how these changes affect you.

In the current business environment, it is evident that technology is shaping the manner in which business processes exist. The use of robots, for instance, is creating a greater sense of unemployment. Most employers prefer these technological advances since they cut costs and improve profitability. However, it is key to consider the social impact of any action as well. Being in the workforce in contemporary society requires adaptability as well as the ability to grasp new ideas as they emerge. Mostly, there is a need to be techno-savvy and embrace approaches as they arise within the organization. In the case of the robot, there is the possibility of losing a position. However, I am well acquainted with technological developments, and that makes it possible to change. The aspect of globalization simply brings the need to keep learning new aspects and employing them within the organization. Most people tend to resist change since they may lack involvement. That makes it hard to embrace the change. In future, most people will suffer since they will not be able to cope with the latest happenings. That is an instance that is not likely to negatively impact my career since I am open to information, and my networks serve as the best space to learn. Ideally, the focus of globalization makes it possible to meet key demands in society.


Slagter, F. (2007). Knowledge management among the older workforce. Journal of Knowledge Management11(4), 82-96.



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