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What Happens After We Die?

The talk on what happens after people die is one of the subjects that has brought a lot of differences and much confusion among humanity, even in the Christian world. Very interesting responses have been given concerning people’s beliefs on what happens when people die. Some believe that when a person dies, they move into a world of spirits while others believe that they are taken to a place called purgatory where they are tormented for the sins they committed while on earth before they are taken to heaven. Others believe that they can be able to communicate with their loved ones who died earlier in life. Again, there is another class of individuals who believe that when a person dies they lose their conscience and cease to exist apart from the body.

While all these individuals may try to justify their claims on the state of the dead, there is only one state in death. There cannot be multiple states existing for different individuals after death. For one to understand what happens after people die, one ought to have an understanding of what man is made of. The Holy Scriptures reveal that during man’s creation, God made man out of the soil of the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and then man became a living soul. Therefore, a soul refers to a combination of the soil of the ground and the breath of life. This implies that a soul cannot exist apart from the body. Thus, a person or soul dies when the breath of life is separated from the body. The Holy Scriptures say that man returns to dust and spirit returns to The Giver (God).

According to the Holy Scriptures, death is referred to as sleep. This can be deduced from the many instances that Jesus Christ referred to dead people as being asleep, for instance, Jairus’ daughter and Lazarus. When a person is asleep, they don’t think. Their emotions die and therefore their ability to love, hate, feel jealous, or envious of their fellow human ceases. A person who is asleep cannot be able to interact with people who are awake. Their state only presupposes awakening. The same happens when a person dies. They cease to exist apart from their physical bodies. Their conscious nature dies as well and their emotions die. They cannot interact with living beings at any one point. When people die, both the righteous and evil go to the grave. The righteous dead awaits resurrection on the second coming of Jesus Christ to live with Him to eternity while the evil awaits their doom in the bottomless pit of burning fire.

From the above explanation, it is clear that there is no possibility of individuals speaking with their loved ones who died a long time ago. One would question, who, then, are these people who speak to the living and yet they already died and were buried? All these ideas of spiritualism originated from the devil. The Holy Scriptures reveal this is the very first sermon the devil preached in the Garden of Eden. The serpent told Eve that if she ate the forbidden tree’s fruit, “she shall not surely die.” This is the same gospel that he continues to preach today, which states that when people die, they do not really die. This is a lie. The evil spirits are the ones who impersonate our loved ones who departed and they come to communicate to us. When they predict the future and eventually it comes to pass, they make people believe that their loved ones are not really dead but they still exist and care for them. This is a total deception that all must be freed from.



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