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Use Of Social Media In Recruitment And Selection

Question # 1

Describe what organizations are attempting to do with the selection procedure.


With the emergence of social media, big corporations are using the platforms of Facebook and LinkedIn to gather information from applicants[1]. A recent study shows that many corporations are using the internet to gather information and for the screening of job applicants.

Question # 2

According to Iddekinge et al. (2013), what are the challenges of using social media, such as Facebook, as a source of information to predict job performance?


Although social media provides a clear insight into the demographics of a person, it gives very limited insight into the evidence of the intellectual capability of an applicant. Sometimes, inaccurate information provided by the applicant on social media undermines its validity.

Queston # 3

Briefly describe the aim of the research conducted by Iddekinge et al. (2013).


The basic motive of the research conducted by Iddekinge et al. (2013) is to understand the role of SM in the recruitment and selection process of candidates. Although some organizations are using different social media platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn for the purpose of gathering job applicants but results show that organizations should be very careful while depending on the information provided by the applicant on social media.

Queston # 4

Briefly describe how Iddekinge et al. (2013) conducted their research.


They captured the Facebook profiles of the graduating students who were applying for jobs. Employers analyzed those profiles and identified their KSAOs. Then, they compared applicant turnover and on-the-job performance with recruiter ratings.

Queston # 5

Based on the key findings of Iddekinge et al. (2013), what advice would you provide to the head of HR in organizations regarding the use of social media information?


The findings of the present studies show that there are many doubts regarding the suitability of the information provided by the applicant on social media. Organizations should not make SM a core source for the collection of applicants’ data. Sometimes, the information provided through SM does not match the defined job, or the information provided by the applicant is not consistent.

End Notes

Roth, P. L., Bobko, P., Van Iddekinge, C. H., & Thatcher, J. B. (2013). Social media in employee-selection-related decisions: A research agenda for uncharted territory. Journal of Management,



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