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Troy’s Unfaithfulness with Rose

Troy cheats on Rose even after years of marriage with a woman known as Alberta. Alberta even gives birth to a child as a result of her relationship with Troy. Troy makes an effort to justify himself as to why he was unfaithful to Rose. Troy gives an explanation to Rose as to why he cheated on her, but this is not enough reason to be unfaithful to Rose. Troy argues in his explanation that the pressures and responsibilities in his life as a breadwinner and the unending obligations in marriage led him to look for an outlet to relieve himself of these duties.

Troy explains to Rose that Alberta gives him a different understanding and idea of himself, and this is why he cheated. Troy says that by having an affair with Alberta, he can get his mind away from the problems of his house and become a different man. Troy says that by having an affair outside marriage, he can stop thinking about paying his bills or how to arrange for the roof to be fixed.

Troy is a narcissist. A narcissist is someone who proclaims their love for their partner, but they abuse those partners whom they still claim to love. Troy is a narcissist because he is dedicated to Rose, but he still goes ahead and cheats on her with Alberta. By having an affair with Alberta, Troy displays his masculinity by proving that he can do whatever he wants as the man of the house. Troy’s lust and infidelity also portray his masculinity to a great extent.

Troy tries to evade his duties as the provider of the Maxson family by having an affair with a woman known as Alberta, who later gives birth to Troy’s child as a result of this affair. Troy explains to Rose, his wife, why he involved himself with an affair outside their marriage, claiming that the pressures and obligations of his life as a family man made him look for a way to relieve himself.

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