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Track Record of the Latinos in Texas and the US politics

There are heated debates today about the constant reshaping of Texas and the increasing influence of the Latinos or Hispanics in Texas and several other states and the Track Record of the Latinos in Texas and the US politics. However, many people fail to understand that Texas and the US as a whole have at all times been Hispanic (“The Hill” par.1-10). It is evident from the recent census that the number of the Hispanics has significantly increased. Moreover, various reports indicate that the rate at which Latino children are being born is higher than that of the whites. Despite the availability of such reports, most Americans seem not to understand who the Hispanics are (Rogelio par.1-10).

Many people view Latinos as strangers begging for menial jobs. Others see them as non-native Americans who are a nuisance to the locals. Indeed, many other portrayals are emanating from different people and the mainstream media. They do not note that the combination of the diverse heritage and identities makes Texas and the US more Hispanic (“The Hill” par.1-10).

In the Track Record of the Latinos in Texas and the US politics, The truth is that the Hispanics have significantly contributed and will keep on adding to the political social and economic growth of our Nation. Latinos have been critical players in the building of our nation since its inception. Without their contribution, I wonder how Texas and the US as a whole would be. Hispanic culture has been present in the US for more than five centuries. The culture had deep roots in Florida, New Mexico, and several other states even before the arrival English in Jamestown and the Pilgrims in Massachusetts in the 1600s. The Hispanic culture and political structures, therefore, were in place even before the US attained its independence in 1776.  The culture played an enormous role in shaping and defining the political development of America as well as the creation of the new nation. The Hispanics also played a great role in the America Revolutionary War. The Hispanic leaders such as Bernardo de Galvez supported the Americans’ cause with weaponry and other necessities. Puerto Rico, Mexico, and Cuba were among the countries that significantly endorsed America during that time (Refugio 1-26).

Among the great Mexican leaders who have contributed to the development of Texas and the United States is Dr. Hector P. Garcia. Though his accomplishments remain silent, he is well known for his efforts in fighting for the rights of the Hispanics in Texas and other regions in the US. After his return from World War II, Garcia was happy because of his achievement and was raring to go and take part in Building America. To his disappointment, he realized that the Hispanic laborers were facing a lot of prejudice as they tried to pursue the American Dream. He, therefore, decided to form the GI Forum, an astounding and nationalistic organization, to fight for the rights of the Hispanics. Through the organization, Garcia was able to overcome many hurdles that the Hispanics faced in a nation that upheld the values of liberty and justice, but only availed them to a select few (“America GI Forum” par.1-5).

The G.I Forum, a civil rights organization, provided social as well as political network to the war veterans. The organization also helped in raising funds to foot the poll taxes of the needy, in addition to campaigning against programs that promoted the mistreatment of migrant manual workers. Through the organization, Dr. Garcia pushed the government to end the exploitation of the immigrants terming it as a national shame. His efforts brought the various challenges that affected the migrants in Texas including diseases like diarrhea in children and tuberculosis to the limelight (Norman par.1-20).

In the 1950s, the condition for schools in South Texas was deplorable. Dr. Garcia, therefore, tried to reach the government to express his concerns about poor sanitation that could lead to diseases. He also campaigned against discrimination in the classroom. Furthermore, the G.I forum prepared a study known as “What Price Wetbacks” that covered the plight of workers in farms in South Texas. The organization also emerged victorious in the case between Hernandez and Texas. The US Supreme Court ruled that the Hispanics, as well as all other racial groups, had the equal rights to protection under the US constitution (Norman par.1-20).

The Hispanics are undeniably a vital part of the US History. Without the Hispanics, the history could not be as captivating. Their role in the political development of the US helps genuinely defines the American History.  The Hispanics took part in the election of James Pork as the president of the United States. They also supported his policies that led to the annexation of Texas.  The interaction between US and Hispanics, whether in a positive way or not, had a significant impact. For instance, the agreement signed between the US and Mexico to end the Mexican War helped the US to gain more states like Texas and New Mexico. The gain means that the American land increased in size. The treaty also contributed to the cultural history of the country. Therefore, the American history would not be the same without the Hispanics. The Hispanics took part in the Civil War and others wars that affected America. They served in the Union forces, and also took part in the battle against slavery. Hence, the Hispanics have shown their commitment to the success of Texas and America in general most of the time (Refugio 1-26).

The war between Spain and America led to the transformation of America. The war also proved that America is a world power. The influence of our country in Latin America led to the emergence of fake democracy.  The influence created more enemies than earlier, and imperialism dominated the region. The interaction between the US and Latin America helped the US to devise foreign policies that enabled the country to deal with challenges that accompanied the Cold War. The Hispanics also played an important role in the election of John F. Kennedy as the president of the US through the Viva Kennedy Movement. They also contributed to the election of the first African American president in the United States. In their absence, the election of the two presidents could have been impossible (Refugio 1-20).

Considering the analysis above, one might wonder how Texas would be like without the Hispanics. Texas is a state of immigrants. Similarly, the US is a country of immigrants. That being the case, then there is every reason to respect the Hispanic immigrants. Therefore, it is important to recognize and appreciate the role that the Hispanics have played in the history of Texas and the whole country. Even today, one can feel their contribution in every aspect of our society. They contribute in the political, social and economic development of Texas. The population of the Hispanics has greatly increased and, therefore, they are key contributors to our economy. Just like, Dr. Garcia, Hispanic leaders plays a vital role in the development of Texas and the wellbeing of the Hispanic immigrants.

In sum, Hispanics have contributed significantly to the history of Texas and the United States as a country. Without their presence in America, the country’s history could be different. The Hispanics had fought for and against America before the nation gained independence. Latino culture and politics significantly contributed to the political, social and economic development of Texas. The reason for this is that the Latino cultural and political structures existed before America became a country.  The Hispanics supported America severally during the war. When the Americans and the Hispanics fought against each other during the Mexican war, America gained more states like Texas. It is possibly true to say that means that if war did not occur, Texas could still be in Mexico. During the Revolutionary War in America, Hispanic leaders supported the Americans with weapons. Several countries in Latin America supported the Americans during that time. Examples include Puerto Rico and Cuba.  Dr. Hector P. Garcia founded the G.I Forum, an organization that had great influence in Texas and other states. He started the organization after discovering that his people-the Hispanics were being mistreated in their attempt to contribute to the development of the country. The organization fought for the rights of Hispanic laborers that were working in different firms in the country. It organization also raised finances to pay taxes for the poor. At the time when Garcia founded the organizations, the Hispanics faced discrimination in the classroom in Texas. Moreover, the schools were in bad conditions and sanitation was wanting. The immigrants in Texas were also affected by the outbreak of various diseases. Dr. Garcia, through the organization, sought to end these problems by trying to engage the government in improving the situation. Garcia also prepared a referred to as “What Price Wetbacks” that covered the various challenges that the Hispanic laborers were going through on US farms. G.I Organization also won a case against the Texas government, where the Supreme Court ruled that the Hispanics, like other racial groups, are protected under the constitution. It is evident, therefore, that the Hispanics have played a significant role in the history of Texas. As mentioned above, they are inseparable from the cultural and political history of America.



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