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The Workplace Of Marriott Hotel

This study reflects upon the Fortune 100 best companies/businesses in the year 2017. The organization chosen for this study is “Marriott International” which is listed at #33 on the Fortune 100 Best Companies list. Marriott International is a diversified multinational hospitality company that is basically engaged in hotel management and other related facilities (“100 Best Companies to Work For 2017,” n.d.).

Marriott’s headquarters are located in Bethesda, MA, in the US. It has over 6000 properties in almost 122 countries and more than 1.2M hotel rooms (according to Sept 2017). Marriott International has appeared for the 20th time in the “Fortune 100 Best Companies to Work For” (“100 Best Companies to Work For 2017,” n.d.).

This study discusses Marriott’s workplace and the factors involved in it. The workplace of an organization is defined as a place like an office, building, etc, where individuals work together and perform their tasks. There exists a corporate and cultural dimension of the workplace, which companies tend to cater to along with their aim of business. Values and ethics, which lead to a positive workplace, are also key factors in developing a positive workplace. Workplace diversity is also a main factor for a company, where the individuals have a wide range of experiences and characteristics. These characteristics include ethnicity, race, culture, religion, gender, and age. Companies tend to have a diverse workplace, which defines their flexibility in the working environment.

Workplace of Marriott:

Having diversity in a workplace environment leads to a great reputation for a certain company, and it also increases the opportunity and profitability of an organization. It directly affects the workplace environment and allows the company to become a global leader, having different types of people to work with. Another aspect of workplace diversity is corporate diversity, which believes that in order to achieve a company’s goal, they need to have an equal pool of minorities in their employee management, which can affect the organization as a whole (“Corporate Diversity in the Workplace | Marriott,” n.d.).

Cultural workplace diversity exists, and global diversity says that companies need to adapt to the cultures around the globe when they join that country in their business (“Cultural Diversity in the Workplace | Marriott,” n.d.). If a company is going global, and the culture of that country is different than the parent country of the organization, then it needs to be diverse enough to adapt to that culture. For this purpose, companies hire diverse employees to be able to tackle the global diversity affecting the company. Marriott International practices these diversities in its business processes to meet the market competition. Marriott believes that embracing differences in their business practices makes them stand out amongst their competitors. Marriott believes in corporate workplace diversity, where they tend to settle their employee hiring and retention bases (“Corporate Diversity in the Workplace | Marriott,” n.d.). They also try to make their guest, supplier, and owner experience diverse and manage that according to their ability. Marriott has made efforts in the past to treat its employees equally and maintain a good flow in the workplace (“Cultural Diversity in the Workplace | Marriott,” n.d.). They have created certain events for women’s empowerment and their excellence awards, which managed to create an image of diversity in the organization. Marriott applies corporate diversity in its suppliers, owners, partners, and guests, which is an important part of their workplace flow. Marriott tends to apply different programs in their supplier movement, where they have partnered with the veteran, LGBT, disabled, and minority suppliers to better foster business ideas, involving innovation in their process and inspiring other people to run an effective business.

Moreover, they have changed their guest experience, welcoming their guests in the best possible way and having inclusive factors involved in their processes (“Corporate Diversity in the Workplace | Marriott,” n.d.). They have given training in their guest experiences to create a vision where customers tend to have a positive experience. Marriott has one of the most inclusive and diverse workforces, where they value the differences of associates as a business priority (“Corporate Diversity in the Workplace | Marriott,” n.d.). Of these efforts, Marriott has been named one of the best workplaces to work with. They make sure that they are empowering their associates to drive inclusion and diversity. Marriott also uses multicultural resources and tools, which help managers create a better understanding of cultural workplace differences (“Cultural Diversity in the Workplace | Marriott,” n.d.). They have also made efforts to engage with veterans and disabled people and create opportunities with them.

Obtaining data:

The data for the Marriott International workplace and workplace diversity was extracted from the company’s original website, which gave proper insights into the company and its workforce processes. Marriott International is ranked at No. 33 among the best companies to work for, and this data was obtained from the Forbes 100 Best Companies list.

Review of the data:

As Marriott has been in business for a long time and has developed a huge market share, people tend to have a positive influence on Marriott. Some studies analyzed the customers who have experienced the atmosphere of Marriott and found that Marriott provides the best possible experience to the customer when it comes to greeting, hospitality, and services to their guests. This hospitality giant provides customers with a comfortable and safe environment. Their workplace environment makes sure that when it comes to in-house service measures, they train their employees in the workplace for better outcomes.

Factors of Effective Workplace:

The workplace Marriott is in needs to have proper definitions of roles and responsibilities in order to achieve the best possible outcome. When the roles and responsibilities are properly addressed to everyone, it is easy for the employees to achieve them, and this directly improves workplace sustainability. The effectiveness of the workplace also comes from the skills of the employees and how they use them. Marriott practices and trains employees to be skillful in their area, which gives them a perspective to achieve the goals efficiently in the company because workplace efficiency comes from an effective workforce. Proper job allocation delivers solutions, if there is a mismatch (e.g marketing guy working in finance department) it leads to negative outcomes. Marriott also practices a high level of communication in its workplace environment, which is another effective part of its workplace environment. Employees interact with each other on a certain problem, come up with different ideas, and gain different expertise from different departments of the hotels. Being flexible in their rules and effective in communication makes the workplace of Marriott different from others.

Factors of the unique workplace:

Appreciating the good work of the workforce makes Marriott unique in the industry because the company engages in seminars and employee awards from time to time. They have made themselves different from their competitors, also by getting into programs which link them with the veterans and the disabled people of the community. Other competitors do not practice this act, and so Marriott has a competitive advantage over this. Greeting and welcoming guests, a workplace environment that practices skill development of employees, and relationships with their direct associates are practiced by Marriott, and it is unique in its own way. Marriott has adopted the ability to have a multicultural approach across the organization for a long time, and this has made it unique because every company does not transform itself into having cultural diversity. Marriott is unique in its workplace, which has made it on the Forbes 100 list for the 20th time in the last century.


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