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The Role of the Celebrity in Promoting Products

The dynamics of business world has changed over time. Marketing has been used as the main communication tool for spreading the business goals to the targeted market. Though, the promotional strategies has been used for highlighting the existing functional requirements of the promoted products but these strategies has been changed over time to keep the attention of the people towards them. Any user will get fascinated if his favorite personality is promoting or using something particular. The marketing managers found it a more resourceful way of adding into the targeted group, once they knew that if the people in lime light or with more fan following has been using the said product. But does this sound ethical? Does the people involved in marketing particularly know that the product they are promoting has any positive influence on users? No! The only concern is that how much positive marketing or the fan following they are able to cater once they involve any celebrity.

The celebrity endorsements has always been fancier and appreciated by the followers but this never means that the product users shall avoid that if the product manufacturing is suitable for them or no. The media is filled with people who are suing drugs or smoke openly in public. There fans seeing that if this celebrity could look marvelous smoking, they will be able to project themselves in the circle with the same charisma while smoking. However, no one tells them that this smoking may cause what type of health problems.

Though, the marketing principle uses the academic reference for the celebrity endorsements, with the opinion that more the people acknowledged by the public are supporting any cause, more will be the weightage of the product and the event. People actually attend any event or buy any product with this opinion that if the particular celebrity has endorsed it then it means that it may have some magical effect in it. However, this aspect is never given the weightage that does this particular product is supported or verified by any physician and doctor? No user or buyer every checks this validity! The only thing kept in mind is that this product has been associated with the particular person who has a large fan following. Even the celebrities themselves may not know that what is the benefits or the side effects of the product they are endorsing. Any brand could get any known celebrity on board with this power of money that if they are able to pay more they will be able to get the attention and time of the known celebrity to endorse their product.

Even the products which are presented in the market for the first time can get considerable market attention due to their particular celebrity endorsements. It is a general perception that more the advertisement is attractive and fascinating, the more it will be able to grab the attention of customer sector. The advertisements are developed to communicate the non-personal messages of any brand. The celebrities are just the external face to this thinking. The product name, sign or label are just the representation of any business or firm which differentiates it from the competitors. But the marketing strategies used for promoting the product are the ones which are responsible for the success or the failure of the product. If the product to be launched has a strong market and is able to serve a genuine need or purpose of the society but it is not backed b good marketing skills then there are 80% chances that the particular product might fail in the market.

Since the business competitiveness has increased so is the margin for capturing the attention has been reduced. The businesses these days has to work harder on their commercial and make them more lucrative that they are able to speak for the product. Especially, the products made and presented in the market for children are promoted with fancier features to increase the desire among children for purchasing the product then this desire becomes the demand which forces the adults or the parents to purchase the product for them. It is convenient to create a hype among these innocent brains because they are unable to see that if this product has any need or no. The businesses shall fulfil the ethical responsibilities and develop the products which may serve the educational purpose or may be beneficial for them during their developmental stages.

The children are the actual budget consumers of the family budget. Whether, they are Disney cartoon characters or any new theme, the children can persuade their adults to buy them. Thus, there is maximum benefit in this field.

Any product which is not backed by the celebrity is always considered as the second option to be purchased due to no valid background or weightage to its standing in the market. The people of weak socio-economic background are more fascinated by the products presented on television. They are the actual customers of the brands whether it may be of cigarette or any other addiction, these customers if get the chance to purchase will avail the opportunity. The developing countries like India has the biggest audience for these advertisements. Even the people’s health is affected by the ads on TV. The more the business is able to present the flashier side of the product, the more are the chances that people will buy the product? So are these businesses following the ethical perspective or fulfilling their responsibility? Indeed not! What only they are doing is that they are covering up their profit margins and availing every opportunity which could help them to stay ahead of their competitor.

Even if the celebrity is smoking any particular cigarettes brand or drinking any particular label will give a certain boost to that label without even catering the side effects that how badly they are effecting the health of the users. Nowadays, many toothpaste ads are flooded with the pretty celebrities and their enchanting smiles but none of the actual users of these tooth paste knows that if these products which these celebrities are promoting are actually used by them or not. Even the ingredients are ignored in the product if the viewers are fascinated by the celebrity performance in the ad.

This the celebrity effectiveness on the brand which helps the brand to cover the profit margin in lesser then expected time and if the business is able to do so they offer a certain profit percentage for the celebrity as well. Thus, this shows that none of the celebrity promoting the business products or services have the intention of highlighting the actual benefits the product could offer but they are only working in their own favor or for the business interest. However, there are non-profit organisation’s who are promoting their services for a general cause. Such as if any celebrity is involved in gathering funding for a hospital or asking for donation for any particular cause shall be appreciated for the reason that they are not paid or getting any profit out these promotional techniques.

The user of the business product shall be responsible enough and has this insight that whether or not the product they are purchasing has any positive outcome for their personality or if it has any negative effect. The more the user will become cautious of their surroundings and may be able to anticipate the reason that whether the product has been promoted by a famous person but how effective it is for their family society, the lesser the businesses will be able to exploit their customers. These businesses are flourishing due to the liking from the consumers, if they are unable to capture the attention of targeted customers they will change their marketing strategy and begin to promote on new lines. For the businesses it’s all about how much they invest on a certain product to be success among the buyers but lesser it is about how beneficial it actually is. Thus, these celebrity endorsements is another way luring in the consumers masking off the actual side of the product features. Therefore, it is highly supported that the user shall never trust what they see rather they shall investigate the benefits and harms of every product to be used for the reason that the health once lost may never be recovered with any amount of money and charisma of any celebrity.



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