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The Role of Media in Daily Life Essay


Media has a very close relationship with our daily routine. We use different media in our daily lives social media, electronic media, print media folk, and media static media. Media have a very active role in our days. Without the media, it is very difficult for us to spend a day.

The use of social media is part of our routine life; we use different social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and many other social websites. There is a huge number of electronic media that we use in our daily routine life it’s a part of our daily life to listen to FM and watch TV or see movies. Another form of media that is very closely related to our daily life plus school, college, and university academic life that print media. There is a different form of print media people usually consider only newspapers and magazines as print media, but a book is the most important source of print that we cannot deny. Books play an important role in our lives, especially in academic life.  Static media is also a part of our life. Static media is also used in our daily lives for interaction or advertisement.

All the media or mass media that are used in our routine life for the different purposes of entertainment, interactions, advertising, and for the purpose of entertainment. Media can play an important role in our daily life and they help us to better know about any issue or event. Mass media helps us to know different views of one thing; it reflects different views.

There are positive as well as negative aspects to everything. Media have positive and negative effects on you, whether you use media or mass media in a positive way or for negative activities. This depends on whether the user will use that media source for their needs and for knowledge purposes or for other activities. Media, especially social media mostly used for timepass and it is a time killer; some people also use social media for interaction at local as well as global levels. Social media is one of the best sources of interaction on a global level (Perrin, 2015).

In the current era, it is very difficult for us to live without any media sources. Due to high technological development, the mass media is very closely attached to our lives. Media plays an important role in the transformation of society into the modern world. Media have a very high impact on our daily life, media play an important role in intercultural communication. These media make your culture a globalized culture. Media affect some cultures in a positive sense and, in some cultures, impact natively. Due to media, some cultures gain globalized acceptance, and also, due to media, some rich indigenous culture loses their identity.

Media is also important in economic or financial prospects. Some people have a direct relationship with and media as the only source of their income, and media also have an indirect relation with finance and economics. Media plays an effective role in economic activities.


Media can play an important role in contemporary times. In each and every society, there is a high use of media. Media highly affects our lives; media changes our way of life. Media is used in different perspectives, each according to its needs and resources. Some people use media for entertainment and some people use media for information and for knowledge or academic purpose. Media is a high effect on our daily life and it is very difficult to spend a single day without mass media or media.


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