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Positive and Negative Effects of Video Games Essay


In our age of innovative technologies, it is difficult to imagine our lives without computers, phones, game consoles, and the like. These things are in many, and now it happens that they serve not only for work but also for entertainment, and playing on the computer is their special kind. From the point of view of psychology, they are activities with a high degree of involvement in it. In addition, unlike usual, computer games most often do not assume any physical activity of a person. Their number has recently increased significantly, and the types have become very diverse. A person can look at the screen for a long time and thoughtfully, waiting for an answer in the chess game, which he started with the calculating artificial intelligence of the computer. Alternatively, expand your horizons and knowledge of history, playing an exciting strategy. However, unfortunately, most often, children prefer “shooters,” which do not bring anything positive. Some games help in life, teaching and developing different qualities; however, such are few. It often happens that excessive time spent playing games causes not just addiction but also mental disorders or even various diseases.


Thanks to computer games, you can develop response speed, mindfulness, and fine motor skills. The latter is due to active interaction with the keyboard. In addition, when playing, you can learn foreign words or feel yourself in different roles: commander, racer, military man, detective, and so on. Games will help you to learn how to navigate the map. They also develop a high level of abstract thinking and logic. Such experience will teach the child to do an analysis of his actions and make responsible decisions. However, this effect may not be on all games – unfortunately, many games bring only negative moments in the upbringing of the child. Here we come to the most important thing – the disadvantages of computer games.

In the age of computer technology, it is not possible to imagine a teenager who does not understand and cannot play games on the computer. These entertainments filled the mind of not only children but also adults, who for hours cannot get up from “favorite pursuits”. There are many opinions and discussions. Some claim that video games are great and there is no harm from it. Others categorically condemn this fact. So, let us try to understand what harm and benefits of computer games.

Arguments of opponents of video games

Computer games harm the development of the human brain and can lead children and adolescents to aggressive behavior. Computer games dull the generation of children; they become prone to violence and debauchery. Video games have a more negative impact on people than movies and television. Compared to television, video games require the active participation of the player; therefore, this can create bad consequences in the behavior of the child and his psychology. In addition, video games often carry a violent nature, which further puts people at risk for the development of aggressive thoughts and aggressive behavior. People in the real world often practice violence and aggression depicted in video games; this can lead to serious consequences. It is believed that an excessive game of video games reduces a person’s sympathy or his willingness and willingness to help others. Video games lead to social isolation; as a rule, people spend less and less time communicating with family members and friends. Another important, harmful effect of video games is that they affect a person’s perception of men and women because women are often portrayed as victims in many of these games; this leads to bad consequences, for example, beating up women. Spending more time playing video games, people increase the risk of obesity.

Arguments of Computer Game Defenders

This process, like any other phenomenon, has its positive and negative sides. We will try to consider both the pluses and minuses of the influence of video games on the child’s psyche and formulate ways to avoid possible negative consequences. In the beginning, we will think about the positive aspects of playing video games. First, children develop cognitive skills. It also trains the skills of abstract thinking. Even just looking for games is an active process that stimulates thinking. Schoolteachers cannot give the child many skills necessary to achieve the goal in the video game. For example, following the rules, solving complex problems, and using logic in many modern games plays a key role. It cannot be denied that such an experience is very important for children; this will teach them to make deliberate decisions and draw accurate conclusions. This is an undoubted plus of video games. Nevertheless, games can adversely affect the child’s psyche because many of them have violence, as well as examples of anti-social behavior.

Many virtual games like Solitaire have a story where children need to use the most rigid, aggressive methods of solving set tasks, and commit acts of violence that are even encouraged and rewarded. For example, there are games that imply that the player will, by controlling his hero, kill, steal, rob, and shoot. That can push to occurrence at the child of aggressive behavior. In order to minimize the negative consequences of violent games, parents need to take some steps. Parents can limit the time allotted to a child for computer games. However, it is necessary to give the child so much time for a game session, so that he has time to achieve something in it. Do not pull the mouse out of his hands after twenty minutes of play. When buying a computer game, you must pay attention to its box. Some of them have a rating and age limits according to the content of the game, so parents need to monitor their children’s hobbies and block children from accessing games that are not suitable for age limitations. Finally, we should not forget that parents should show sensitivity and participation in the occupation of the child in order to know how they perceive the process of the game. To summarize, it must be said that computer games undoubtedly have a positive effect, but there are also significant drawbacks. However, if the parents, after assessing the situation, take adequate actions in time, the weight of the bad influence of computer games can easily be avoided.

In games, there is often propaganda about smoking, alcoholism, drug addiction, violence, and even cruelty; in addition, they cause mental addiction and nervous breakdowns. In addition, vision deteriorates, and when playing at night, the biological regime is lost. After a long sitting at the computer often, there is strong fatigue, there is increased irritability, absent-mindedness increases, and sometimes-even hallucinations may occur. In addition to all this, the child begins to unconsciously copy the behavior of the computer character. Because of this, it is likely that in real life, he will do what he is used to doing in the game: stealing, robbing, or solving problems by violent methods.

Games take a lot of time, and in connection with this, there is a lack of live communication, separation from society, and even slowing down mental development, because of which complexes can begin to develop. There are times that after playing, the child starts to spend real money on games. Gamblers have worse appetites, and there is a possibility that a person can die from exhaustion.


Generally, the formation of dependence on computer games is a serious mental disorder, which, along with smoking, alcohol, and drug dependence, requires treatment and supervision by doctors. People who have it, in a virtual world spend much more time than in real. It becomes dull for them and not so interesting in comparison with games. Unfortunately, dependence can develop in both children and adults.

Like everything, computer games have both a good side and a bad one, but one must remember that everything is good in moderation. In any case, let the child spend more time on the street with real friends and engage in physical activity. Remember that sports can help in overcoming various complexes or difficulties of life. Try to limit the child’s “communication” with the computer, but do not ban it at all.



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