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The role of managers in shaping an organization’s environment

Managers are an essential part of any organization since their job is the most important as well as the most arduous one. They are responsible for looking after and taking care of many important things, from seeing whether everything has been brought in and displayed properly to ensuring that all the customers and their needs are catered to. Without the managers, the environment of any organization or store, Walmart in this case, would be very chaotic.

Their presence ensures order and makes everything organized. The impact of managers on Walmart depends on their skills. If they are responsible and hardworking, all the employees under them will be happy and satisfied with their jobs and their work environment. The manager has to deal with and interact with them daily, and part of his job requires him to ensure they do not face any problems. Whatever problems they face have to be taken care of by the managers. Thus, the impact of a good and smart manager on Walmart would be that all the employees would be happy with their work and the amount that they would get paid per month. The customers would also be happy and have minimum complaints about the staff or products they purchase. Furthermore, if a manager ensures that everything is sorted, separated, stacked, and displayed properly, the customers will find it easy to find everything, which will further satisfy them. Satisfied customers are very important for stores like Walmart since they will keep returning to the same store, thereby increasing profits. Thus, an important part of a manager at Walmart could be regarding the profits one store makes in a given amount of time.

It is important for the manager to remain updated with every person involved. He needs to have good communication with everyone that his job requires him to deal with so that he can identify any problems within the store and quickly resolve them. Furthermore, if he works hard and knows that his efforts could mean a promotion, he must establish and maintain good and open communication with his employers. If such an opportunity exists, he will find out immediately and work hard to avail himself of it.

In certain cases, due to orders from the ‘higher-ups,’ dramatic changes are required in for example the structure of the firm or the way things work. For such instances, it is important for the managers to be flexible and adaptable because if they don’t, they will be uncomfortable and find it hard to get used to the new system. When that happens, their productivity decreases sharply, and the entire system and the functioning of the store are disturbed and disrupted. If the manager himself/herself is facing adaptability issues, the people working under him/her would be much worse, and the intended benefit would never be achieved.

The manager, most importantly, must be able to list and rank opportunities for the job because if he doesn’t, he/she would never be able to identify what he/she can and cannot do. It is particularly important for the manager to identify what tasks he/she can and can perform. Listing is important because it also helps him/her assign tasks to all those under him/her. The manager needs to be aware of his/her capabilities and those he/she is supposed to manage. This would help divide and assign tasks much more easily and help get work done easily and efficiently. If this method is followed and adopted, the productivity of the particular store or branch under him/her would increase drastically, and he/she would be able to get appreciation and acknowledgement from those above him/her.



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