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Ideal Work Environment Essay

An Illustration Essay

The work environment is an important element for success or loss of the organizations, enterprises, or the companies. A good or an ideal work environment is significant for all the members of any organization as it is helpful to increase the performance and satisfaction level of all the members especially the employees. Employees are the significant assets for the organizations that lead the organizations to success and development. They are necessary and crucial for the organizations, and their efforts add valuable changes to the structure of the organizations. Their performances are always related to the expected outcomes that made them more valuable for the organizations. The ideal work environment develops and improves the motivation level and the performance level of the employees. Ideal work environment includes several elements that are significant for all the members of any organization including motivation, teamwork, empowerment, skills improvement, good behavior, helpful co-workers, and specific incentives for the employees.

The ideal work environment mainly depends upon the motivation and performance level of the employees as it increases with encouragement and with incentives. Several theories are presented on the motivation level that includes the Maslow hierarchy of needs. It’s a psychological theory in which the self-actualization and self-esteem are the major factors that contribute towards the performances of the human beings. The self-actualization and self-esteem are related to the performances of the employees, and if the organizations target these factors, then the motivation level of the employees increased. The motivation level impacts directly on performances and results the best possible outcomes (M. Heathfield). In an ideal work environment, organizations work to encourage their employees and design proper incentive plan for them. Motivated employees are mostly satisfied with their jobs due to the encouragement from their employers and the incentives. It will lead them to work with their co-workers effectively, and their motivation also enhances the affectivity of teamwork.

In an ideal work environment, employees are empowered, helpful, and behave well with all the staff. Also, the organizations work on the skill development of its employees so that their abilities could improve further. Employees should have the right to express their creative ideas, and it will develop their self-confidence. Moreover, the employees should behave well with all the members and express their helpful nature towards the ones who need their help. The organizations should train their employees according to the new market trends so that they could adjust to the changing pattern of the working environment according to the business needs. These all elements will make the environment perfect for work.

An ideal work environment is effective for the success and development of any company. It depends upon the employees who are considered as the asset for the companies. An ideal work environment includes the motivated employees who behave well towards all the members of the organization. The organization could increase the motivation of employees in the form of encouragements and incentives. It increases their performance level and helps them to contribute positively to the ideal work environment.

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