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The Role of Innovation in Executing Change Strategies

Innovation within an organization may take various forms and may be implemented in a sporadic manner. Furthermore, the innovation may also be persistent or ceaseless. However, whichever the case, innovation may create changes that are sudden and influences the manner in which business is conducted and the attitude of the purchasers and the organizational administrators.

Therefore, it can be said that innovation results in significant changes in the way the business and the organizational affairs are conducted in the future. Still, in some cases, innovation may be a slow process and such an innovation is characterized by a gradual improvement so that the buyers may adjust to the changes accordingly. On the other hand, the innovation may be rapid and result in sudden changes. The third form of innovation, the persistent one, is characterized by a continuous and constant process and the organization is adjusted in accordance with the financial environment and the changes in the conduct of the buyers is carried out in such a way so as to have a positive impact on the mind of the buyers.

However, the noteworthy aspect in any case of innovation is that development is imperative for the administration of change and hence, innovation is necessary for the fate of any organization. For instance, in the case of Apple, the innovation would be discontinuous if the new iPhone is introduced in a manner that disturbs the public perception of a phone. Similarly, the innovation would be identified as constant if the iPhone is adjusted in a dynamic manner. Furthermore, the innovation would be consistent if the product is discharged after minor changes. Therefore, Apple needs to continue the process of change to stay in line with the patterns of the customers.

The 3M Corporation is at the forefront of innovation and change. It is widely known for the changes it incorporates for customer loyalty and competitive advantage. Its innovative path is excellent.

Therefore, the modern times of diversity require a constant form of innovation. Any efficient and successful organization needs to strive for innovation and perfection. Furthermore, this innovation should influence the inner as well as the outer environment of the organization.

Assessment of Managing Diversity in the Workplace

Diversity in the workplace results in a variety of contrasts between the different employees within the organization. The individuals may differ in terms of gender, ethnicity, age, intellect or other aspects. These people differ in the way they perceive themselves and others. Therefore, in order to use these differences to the advantage of the organization, the experts of human resources need to create a balance between the issues and the viability. Some of the benefits of diversity in the workplace are stated below.

The organizations that utilize a diverse workforce benefit in terms of a wide range of potential solutions to the administrative, or asset distribution issues.

  • Broader Service Range

The presence of a diverse workforce gives the clients the perception of the organization as a worldwide entity.

  • Assortment of Perspectives

Furthermore, a diverse workforce results in a massive pool of different encounters and thoughts. Therefore, the management can pick from a wide range of ideas the one that is the most adequate.

  • More Powerful Execution

The organizations incorporating a diverse workforce create a working environment where the employees are encouraged to perform at their highest capacity. Therefore, the organization is highly productive and profitable.

On the other hand, a diverse workforce may also present some difficulties, such as correspondence. The impediments of social and perceptual aspects must be eliminated for the success of a project of assorted qualities. In the absence of an adequate correspondence, the results are an inadequate cooperation and a low confidence. Similarly, the workforce may be impervious to any change as some of the representatives may decline to acknowledge the evolution of the social aspects of the work environment. Their past experiences may limit their ability to incorporate new thoughts.

The preparation of diversity is not solely suitable for the administration of the assorted qualities. A specific procedure should be developed to establish a culture of diverse qualities to saturate the organizational capacity. It may in the form of appraisal of the assorted qualities. The organization may have a representative overview that is capable to adapt to evaluate the organization. It would assist in the identification of the difficulties of the assorted qualities. Also, it would be helpful in identifying the arrangements to be eliminated.

Another key procedure to manage diversity may be an overview supplier that is responsible for reporting. It would serve as the beginning structure of the arrangement of the differences in the workplace. In addition, the different qualities in the workforce should be utilized by incorporating the assorted qualities strategies into every aspect of the organizational capacity.

Facilitation of Change Implementation by Technology

Technology has become an integral part of every organization to achieve its goals. It has eliminated the risk of human errors to a great extent. The technology like tablets and computer programs for virtual meetings and client administration have made the organizations more efficient. Thus, technology can have a positive impact on innovation and change implementation.

Technology would enhance the correspondence. The representatives may use a variety of technological devices for trading data and information. For example, video conferencing tools may be used by representatives of different organizational divisions, like Skype. Furthermore, these tools can also be helpful in benefitting the clients.

Technology helps the workers to create inventive business ideas that can then be utilized for business development and extension. Platforms like can be very helpful for the workers to mingle and to connect with innovators of other organizations. Furthermore, technology would also be advantageous to the human resources department. The processes of hiring or screening can be made more efficient by using technology. The web may be used for the promotion of opportunities for employment. The supervisor can view the resumes sent by the applicants on the web. Also, technological innovation may be used to keep track of the performance of the workers.

Another important benefit of technology is the saving of time. The process within the organization can be computerized which would ensure efficiency and productivity. Furthermore, it would allow the chance to make any amendments. The leadership process would, therefore, become quick. A single database would make access to the data much more convenient. Moreover, technology would also enhance mobility, as the workers would be able to work form any place and hence, the representatives would be in control.

Benefits of an Inclusive and more Diverse Group of Coworkers

A diverse workforce benefits the internal and the external environment of an organization. A diverse workforce brings different qualities to the plate. With time, the organizations are starting to realize the importance of investing in an assorted qualities workforce. A diverse workforce is vital to any organization in today’s world to serve the needs of a variety of customers and clients. It increases the productivity by the availability of a wide range of inventiveness, enhanced productivity, increased profitability and innovative solutions to the organizational problems. Furthermore, it enhances the knowledge of the market and therefore, more customer satisfaction. An organization that fails to realize the importance of diversity may not be able to survive in the current business environment. Incorporating diversity has become the necessity for an organization and it would increase in the coming years.

Differing qualities within the workforce would benefit the company by enhancing the productivity. An inclusive and more diverse group of coworkers would create a work environment of assorted qualities coming together to create various solutions to the organizational issues and the efficiency of the organizational functions would improve.

Moreover, the different backgrounds of the people would create a unique collection of ideas and innovative thoughts that can be utilized for the betterment of the company in the future. It would grant a competitive edge to the company over its business rivals. Also, such a workforce that is diverse would present a favorable environment to the clients as they would view the organization as an effective one that serves clients from all backgrounds. Therefore, the client base of the organization would greatly increase.

Moreover, a diverse workforce would assist in assembling cooperative energy groups and would improve the overall environment of the organization by creating a healthy work environment based on the principles of respect and dignity. Also, it is in line with the principle of the United States of America, which is a nation based on diversity and opportunity. Therefore, it is vital to welcome diversity in the workplace or else, the organization would be held back.

The Benefits and the Opportunity that a more Diverse Workforce will create

In the modern time of technology and innovation, the world has become a global village. Technology like the cellphones has made it possible to interact with the clients or the buyers residing on the opposite corners of the world. With the globalization of the individual groups and the organization, an ever-increasing number of organizations are incorporating a diverse workforce.

More and more organizations have now to deal with clients all over the world. Moreover, even the neighborhoods of the organizations are becoming increasingly diversified due to immigration. Therefore, a diverse workforce would benefit the organization in numerous ways.

  • It would eliminate the deficiencies in the overall aptitude of the workforce.
  • It would improve the maintenance and the satisfaction of the workers.
  • It would enhance the satisfaction of a diverse range of customers and clients.
  • It would broaden the engagement of the people.
  • It would enhance the aptitudes of critical thinking and development.
  • It would promote the authoritative values in a comprehensive manner.



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