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The Role Of Abigail Adams In The Overall Political And Social Structure Of America

Abigail Adams is known as one of the influential characters in the political history of the United States of America. Her contribution to the overall paradigm of American society is so immense that it still positively influences the different paradigms when it comes to fundamental human rights in the country. She was the wife of the second President of the United States of America. Her role was immensely significant as the first lady of the country (Withey, 2002).

She prominently adopts different features which provide the necessary guidelines for the formation of the different features of the political and social structure of the country. Here, the particular focus is to determine the significant role of the first lady, Abigail Adams, in the formation of the overall facet of the democracy in the United States of America.

The character of Abigail Adam is considered a heroic character in American society when it comes to the establishment of basic human rights, particularly referring to the active role of women in politics and the overall paradigm of social settings. Undoubtedly, she was the one active political activist who had a major role in the paradigm of the presidency of her husband. She successfully deals with different domestic and political activities to positively revolutionize the facet of American society. The historical pattern of the country indicates that she actively participates in different political affairs, and she also shows a keen interest in different features of policy-making for the country.

The role of Abigail Adams in the overall political and social structure of the country is also crucial, as she is remembered as the reformer who initiated the effective form of women’s rights in the country. She actively raised her opinion on the provision of basic rights for women in the country. Abigail Adams always comes up with the opinion of equality and independence in case of every field concerning the overall functioning of society. She successfully adopts a balanced approach to maintaining her personal and social responsibilities. She always depicts a clear and powerful stance on the political paradigm of the country. Another crucial feature of Abigail Adams’ personality that has that much influence on the political paradigm of the country is that she characterizes herself as the active adviser of her husband and contributes to the different facets of the policy-making for the nation.

It is notable to mention that some political critics and historians criticize her influential role in the political features of the country, referring to her immense role in the presidential decision of her husband. In contrast to this argument, it is crucial to understand that her active role in the overall democratic structure of the country cannot be avoided as she effectively proves herself to be an active contributor to the political paradigm of the country. History indicates that she participated in different political discussions and powerfully gave her feedback about the different political and social considerations of the country. Her influential role cannot be ignored due to her powerful stance on women’s position in the political and overall social structure of the country (Holton, 2009).

To conclude this, it is crucial to indicate that she successfully used her political position to initiate different reforms in the case of rights for women in the country. She always portrays a strong position on women’s rights in the country, which is why she is known as one of the earliest feminists in the country and is still a role model for the women of today’s America. Abigail Adams is still known as a patriot and an influential women’s rights activist, and many women in the country follow her footprints to attain active political and social positions.


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