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The POLC Framework

It is very pivotal for an organization to perform certain management activities to continue the smooth functioning of all the departments. These management activities include the P-O-L-C framework also known as planning, organizing, leading and controlling actions. They allow the organization to align its goals with the performance of the organization in a productive way. Thus to provide the staffing solutions and to maintain sound control over the activities of the project, I will incorporate the same POLC framework for the project. For this purpose, I will require the plan in the first case. This activity helps to identify and have clarity on the goal. It is a very important stage as it allows us to consider the critical contingencies that might hinder the performance of the project such as economic conditions and the issues related to the other stakeholders.

Proper planning at strategic, tactical and operational level allows the project to be executed efficiently and effectively. Secondly, I would tend to develop an organizational structure so that everybody must know what he is required to do in the project. The proper assignment of the duties makes the flow of work convenient. This step is also known as the framing of organizational design. Thirdly, I would emphasize on the selection of the leader for the project. A leader’s personality and his duties are essential for the successful execution of the project.

Thus, I will ensure that leader of the project team must have the ability to inspire other and is enthusiastic about the job and for achieving the targets. Finally, I will make sure that the performance standards are up to the mark and also ensure that the performance standards are being appropriately met. It can be done by comparing on a regular basis the actual performance with the standards maintained by the company. However, it also includes the corrective actions which might be required at times in case the performance is not up to the mark so that any deficiencies could have been removed. Thus, these are the critical activities for the success of any project or any organization, and following these, any project can obtain satisfactory results.



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