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The Nine Dimensions Of Wellness

Over the course of the semester, I was introduced to the nine dimensions of wellness. This information has had a significant impact on my life and helped me improve my wellness as well as take better care of myself. Wellness usually has many elements and is interconnected. Some of the components of wellness are engaging in physical activity, healthy eating, and executing carefulness not to get sick. However, other areas need to be considered. For instance, it is essential to consider some elements, such as spiritual and financial, since they play a significant role in the health and well-being of an individual. The study of the nine dimensions of wellness has helped me develop a comprehensive and integrative approach to wellness that makes choosing healthy options easy. In this essay, I will discuss the nine dimensions of life and the impact they have on my life as I incorporate them into my life.

Physical Wellness

Physical wellness is not only limited to exercise but also includes adhering to a proper diet, proactively dealing with therapeutic issues that may emerge, and keeping up with day-to-day sound practices. These are four healthy exercises that greatly reduce the risk of heart disease, diabetes, back pain, and many other chronic sicknesses.

  • Getting thirty minutes of physical exercise at least five days a week.
  • Check the amount of alcohol intake; one drink is for a woman, and two drinks are for a man daily.
  • Avoid smoking
  • Eating a healthy diet that includes five fruits and vegetables each day.

Another way of ensuring physical wellness to avoid chronic diseases is to reduce stress and get hours of sleep daily. Physical wellness is essential for the body to be healthy and help the body perform to the best of its ability in all areas of life. The course has helped me understand that it is important to decide to work out and not be lazy around, and my body requires me to be treated like the temple that it is.

Emotional Wellness

Emotional wellness is the ability of an individual to acknowledge, cope and express her feelings. It entails engaging in self-care and stress reduction activities and having the strength to handle tough situations. An emotionally well person can identify, communicate and manage the full range of his/her feelings. I have learned that there are ways to deal with overwhelming emotions, such as seeking help. Also, cognitive behavioural skills and mindfulness will aid in keeping the blues and anxieties at bay. One of the important things is being emotionally well and able to accept one’s feelings, which will make an individual more intelligent and help in handling stressful situations. Another significance is that emotional wellness helps one become more emotionally stable and increases inner strength, self-worth, and confidence.

Financial Wellness

Financial stress affects people’s physical, emotional and psychological health, resulting in healthy, un-coping behaviours. The financial well-being of an individual encompasses an individual being aware of his/her financial state as well as budget and managing the money to attain realistic goals. It is vital to manage one’s financial state so that one can analyze and plan as well as take control of the spending, ultimately leading to significant changes in savings and feelings. Financial awareness involves being aware of one’s financial state and setting both long and short-term goals.

Intellectual Wellness

Intellectual wellness is characterized by a flexible mind, just like a flexible body represents physical wellness. An intellectually good individual values lifelong learning, critical thinking, developing moral reason, expanding worldviews, and engaging in education in pursuit of knowledge. Building intellectual well-being involves trying to understand a concept learned from different viewpoints or exercising the mind by using games and puzzles. It is vital to have to undertake mental exercises to help improve the physical condition of the brain and avoid cognitive decline.

Career Wellness

Career wellness involves having to engage in work that provides personal satisfaction as well as growth. Also, the work needs to be consistent with an individual’s goals, values, and lifestyle to maintain wellness professionally. It is essential to engage in work that motivates and gives you the ability to use your full potential since, most of the time, after sleep, an individual uses work. Therefore, an individual needs to re-evaluate his/her work if it doesn’t motivate him/her and make use of his/her potential, hence changing the job or changing the approach to work and facing challenges.

Social Wellness

Social wellness is initiated by building a network in the social fabric around individuals, which creates support based on interdependence, mutual respect, and trust among the members of the social structure. One strategy that helps maintain social wellness is sensitivity and awareness of the feelings of others. Social wellness helps deal with stress as well as keep an individual healthy.

Creative Wellness

Creative wellness aims to understand and appreciate the surroundings by valuing and participating in the various arts and cultural experiences of the surrounding world. Using arts to express one’s emotions and views without self-judgment and perfectionism creates a great avenue to relieve one’s stress. It is also good to appreciate the creative efforts of others.

Environmental Wellness

Environmental wellness is primarily about having a connection with the earth. Therefore, it is the continual work of ore preserving and protecting the planet, making it a safe and clean place to live in. A great way to conduct this is to protect oneself from environmental hazards such as noise and air pollution, ultraviolet radiation, and chemical pollution. A healthy and clean environment is vital to overall physical and mental health. Therefore, people should engage in behaviours that will help foster a sustainable and friendly ecology. A great way to maintain environmental wellness is to ensure that one’s immediate environment is clean and free from environmental hazards such as paper and plastic. It intersects with social awareness, which is when the environment is conserved and preserved for future generations.

Spiritual Wellness

There are various ways to seek spiritual wellness, including quiet self-reflection, reading, and open dialogue with others. A spiritually well person is okay with exploring the depth of human purpose, pondering human connectedness, and seeking answers to questions like “Why are we here?” Spiritual well-being is examining one’s own beliefs and respecting other people’s beliefs.

From the teaching of the nine dimensions of wellness, I learned the importance of starting to eat healthier and exercise. I have decided to continuously maintain my physical wellness by eating healthier food on a daily basis and exercising regularly. I have started to feel the effect of eating healthier and exercising. My regular schedule is to take at least five fruits and practices five times a week to keep my physical health in the best shape. I have experienced improved performances in my classroom and off-the-class activities. Keeping a record of my progress has helped me achieve a physically good body. Unfortunately, there are a lot of sacrifices in terms of both monetary and time values. It needed a lot of commitment to start healthier eating and doing regular exercises.



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