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Life is More Beautiful without Drugs

Life is more beautiful without taking drugs; drugs and alcohol do not provide the entertainment or fun that young people seek in them. A harmful drug is one that causes harm to the mental and physical health of an individual. It deteriorates their health and mental abilities to drag them toward failure or death slowly. People who are completely broke or torn emotionally try to take drugs to cope with their resentment. Harmful drugs cause substance abuse by killing people or causing many disorders.

Drugs can interfere with the work of neurons in the brain, which are responsible for controlling cognition, and block the signals of neurons as well. Drugs affect the brain immediately and change the brain’s chemistry; high amounts of chemicals are released by the brain which makes it addicted to the drugs.

Drugs are harmful to the future of young adults who ruin their health and well-being by becoming drug addicts. Drugs affect the present and future performance of individuals; they cannot focus on their work without drugs and lose all their sobriety in life. It ruins their image and relationships with others; these substances take away all the fun from life. The happiness in the future diminishes as drug addicts get weaker every day in every department of life. They deny themselves the pleasure of living a healthy fruitful life.

The best strategy for preventing drug abuse to help a friend or relative is to create awareness about the drugs and how injurious they are to health. Researching medicines and taking drug prevention workshops seriously can help prevent drugs. Understanding the illegal use of drugs is another way to stay away from drugs; taking a medication that is not prescribed for yourself is another way to keep safe from drugs.


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