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The Nazis Book Burnings with Censorship and Propaganda

Propaganda ideas manipulate people to act in the interests of minority self-centered groups. Propagandists tell people what to think whether bad or good. Propagandists make a living by persuading others to their perspective and refuse to consider contrary perceptions.Sensitive information like offensive pictures and words are suppressed if it was not in line with the beliefs of the rulers. Propaganda and censorship are characteristics of a tyrannical era.

Albert Speer, who was Hitler’s architect narrated on how the events unfolded during Hitler’s early times and the Nazis book burnings with censorship and propaganda.He narrated that Hitler was a good public speaker and an anti-Semite his power in Germany was unrestricted by any constitutional constraints. He headed a radical revolution called The Nazi. The Nazi wanted the Germany culture to be in line with the Nazi policies and to eliminate foreign influence from the country. Nazi party goals were to expand Germany boundaries and eliminate the Jews in Germany.

The Nazi used modern technology to reach people by then. They came up simple solutions to German’s problems like they tried to solve the unemployment problems. They gained massive support from students, professionals, shopkeepers, civil servants, and intellectuals. People overlooked the radical Nazi policies because they seemed to form a promising government. With collaboration with the army, Hitler abolished the office of the president of German declaring himself the leader of the nation and the head of the government. He was the most powerful man in the country during that time. Campaigns throughout the country by young people were organized to win the collaboration and fidelity of Germans. Schools also played a role in spreading Nazi ideas.

When the National Socialist German Workers’ Party (Nazi party) leader Adolf Hitler was appointed by the president of Germany, Paul von Hindenburg to represent the Germany parliament as a chancellor in a coalition government on 30th of January 1933 many unexpected occurrences followed. Although Adolf Hitler’s party had a little representation in the parliament Hitler led them in the dismantling of the German democracy. They started by dissolving the parliament and organizing new elections which never went well because no party attained the majority vote. The parliament was burned. The construction and reopening of parliament were aimed to portray the Nazis as the saviors of the nation.

Restrictions were made on freedom of expression, association, and assembly. Laws were put in place without parliamentary approval.The Nazi under the leadership of Adolf Hitler and Joseph Goebbels turned Germany into a one-party dictatorship country. They ensured that the thirty German political parties were no more by triggering them to be dissolved.Led by Dr. Joseph Goebbels the Nazi propaganda ministry ensured that entirely all methods of communication like newspapers, magazines, music, movies, and rallies in Germany were under their control. Anything that was nasty to the Nazi beliefs was excluded from media immediately it was discovered.

Propaganda and censorship were used to make certain that people acknowledged and toe the line to Nazi thinking. Hitler appointed Goebbels to be the minister of propaganda and enlightenment because he was loyal to him. Goebbels controlled radio, arts, press, film, and publishing. Nazis were determined to remove any rival ideas. No book was published without Goebbels’s permission. He ordered burning of books that did not go as by the Nazi’s beliefs. Radios were designed to pick short-range signals as a result foreign stations were unreachable. Magazines that opposed Nazi’ beliefs were also eliminated and the remaining ones worked with Nazi.

In 1938 Reich chamber was set up to monitor cultural activities. Membership was only approved for those that whose work was acknowledged by the Nazi. The Nazi targeted young people and they won them by not only posing them a vision but also a way plan. A huge army was made of the young people. Hitler won people into Nazi through propaganda and by threatening those who did not comply. Hitler sent stormtroopers who had to beat people to join Nazi. Many people joined Nazi because of fear.

The Nazi events which were addressed mostly by Hitler were made appealing by the installation of Spotlights as Hitler fooled the Germans that he was for peace that the outsiders also yearned to be part of the event. He displayed a high degree of ruthless to the Jews, political rivals and alien power countries. The Nazi preached an alluring dispatch of an idealistic future. He categorized German as an oppressed country which had been denied a chance of sovereignty. Words and images were carefully chosen and put in public to trigger opinions. The Nazi party banned intermarriage between members and the Jews. Members who went against were sentenced to death.

Traudl Junge who was Hitler’s secretary admits that he worked to a man he loved but his deeds were bad that she even regretted in her old days. He caused terrible suffering in concentration camps which she did not realize till the details came out later when she read Viktor Klemperer books. The Nazi’s reason for wanting to eliminate other races and ethnical groups from Germany was based on the principle that the Germany ethnic group was superior to the others. In a short time, Germany was suddenly changed into a racist nation. The Nazis ensured that all the people that they differed with politically, religiously and culturally were eliminated.

The Jews and political opponents were arrested and taken to a concentration camp. The aim of the concentration camps was to work people to death. The conditions in the camps were pathetic. When the Nazi saw that they were not winning the war against the Soviet Union they decided to kill all the Jews. People were convinced by the Nazi-led by Hitler that the Jews were bad because they had wealth and power. The Nazi boycotted buying products from Jewish shops. Jewish assets were frozen by the economics ministry. Jews, blacks, and gypsies were perceived to be racially inferior. Racist ideas were taught in schools. Jobs were taken from Jews. They wanted to remain with superior traits which could make it possible to rule the entire European continent.

Robert Bert a holocaust survivor narrated that he was shocked that in a nation like German where people were educated and highly intelligent they could burn books.The Students, professors, and librarians who were in the Nazi propaganda ministry came up with a list of books which they thought that they were suitable to be read by Germans. On May 10th 1933 the Nazis raided bookstores, libraries and bookshops all over German at night and threw books in bonfires as they chanted songs. Many books were burned that night including those of Albert Einstein, Ernest Hemingway, Jack London, Erich Maria and Helen Keller. Schools were used in spreading Nazi ideas. The selected books and the newly written books were used to teach students on how to be faithful to Hitler’s doctrines. Children were trained to be loyal to the Nazi party. Hitler’s birthday and the anniversary of taking power were celebrated annually. The university students of Germany were on the frontline in the Nazi movement. They were given ranks in the movement.

When students gathered in meetings they burned the books that they perceived that they were not in line with the Nazi culture as they took oaths. Book burning was being carried out in thirty-four university towns across German.Germans were made to believe that their future was not to be determined by books but by their character. They were made to believe that character was to be their only way of education. The 1919 treaty of Versailles which was a peace treaty was signed between the German and France nations limited Germany on many things including privacy and the number of soldiers they were required to have. Germany also had paid French billions of many to cater for what had been destroyed during World War 1.In 1935 Germany defied the Versailles treaty by increasing the number of its military March 1938 the Germans ragged another provision of the Versailles provision the Austria troops moved to Austria.

What followed was a massive devastating war. After Britain and France declared war on Germany after it’s attacked on Poland in September 1939. Hitler told Germans that he wanted to unite them but Hitler wanted power and he did it by eliminating possible threats within the country who most likely could have taken power from him in the future. His goals were to expand the Germany territories and develop a racially pure nation. Hitler’s refusal to admit defeat led to massive destruction of the German infrastructure due and many deaths due to bombings.The Nazi regime came to an end when the allied powers defeated German in 1945 marking the end of the second world war. The allied initiated trials on the on the Nazi leaders who survived.


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