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The Manufacturing of Arymo ER Medication

Arymo ER Medication is mainly manufactured by GlaxoSmithKline (GSK). This company is headquartered in Brantford, London. Indication of Arymo ER Medication, according to this particular company, includes severe pains that require daily treatment. The pain should be one that cannot be treated with mere therapy. This medication is first in class and is normally associated with such Common side effects as constipation and nausea. Patients also report such side effects as drowsiness, dizziness, and vomiting. Patients that experience drowsiness report that they normally feel weary. Those experiencing dizziness sleep regularly, while those experiencing regular vomiting develop sore throats. The main known contraindication for Arymo ER Medication is respiratory depression (Wolf, 2015).

Special consideration of Arymo ER Medication for pediatric patients includes a situation where it has been determined that the route of drug administration is not too small than the one recommended. This is because a small route of drug administration will easily get blocked when Arymo is swallowed in tablet form. The consequence of this is that it might prevent other substances such as food from reaching the stomach for digestion. The diameter of the route of drug administration is normally directly related to the age of an individual. What this means is that the size increases when age increases, suggesting that young patients have smaller sizes (Woelfel, 2016).

Exceptional occurrence of Arymo ER Medication for Geriatric patients includes a circumstance in which it has been established that the patients are in a steady state. This is because aged patients are more prone to age-related diseases. In order for physicians to know that these kinds of patients are stable healthwise, it will be necessary for them to conduct tests just to confirm whether the patients are suffering from age-related illnesses. Prescription of Arymo should be prohibited in any case; it will be found that they are suffering from certain ailments. This is because taking Arymo will complicate their already worse condition (Wolf, 2015).

Uncommon incidents of Arymo ER Medication for patients with renal dysfunction include an incident where it has been proved that Arymo will be completely eliminated from the body after it is taken in. what this means is the condition of renal dysfunction should be one that rarely occurs. In other words, the condition of renal dysfunction should not be at its worst case. This is because it will make it difficult for Arymo to be eliminated from the body. What normally happens is that failure to eliminate Arymo from the body leads to increased toxicity in the body of the patient. This increases the chances of losing a life (Woelfel, 2016).

Notable moments of Arymo ER Medication for patients with liver dysfunction include a situation in which it has been validated that the loading dose will not be too much for the liver to break down. This is because administering an excess dose will increase the probability of the patient’s liver malfunctioning. Taking therefore a small dose will reduce the risk of the patient’s liver failing to function. What this means is that there will be few complications likely to emerge from the small dose. Complications resulting from liver malfunctioning are fatal (Wolf, 2015).

The usual excuse for Arymo ER Medication for obese patients includes a circumstance in which it has been certified that Arymo will be evenly distributed on the patient’s body when taken. One of the things that will help physicians know that the drug will be evenly distributed in the body is the frequency of exercising. Obese patients with too much fat should be exempted from taking Arymo. This is because these kinds of patients find it difficult to exercise. The type of obese patients that should be considered is those with medium fat that allows them to exercise (Woelfel, 2016).

Particular times of Arymo ER Medication for pregnant and lactating patients include a case where it has been confirmed that Arymo will not be absorbed by the infant. For this determination to be possible, female patients should come out clear with regards to their pregnancy tests. To put it in another way, female patients should not hide from physicians about being pregnant for fear that they will be denied the medication. They should feel free to share this personal information because it will help save the life of the baby. The same case applies to lactating patients (Wolf, 2015).

To conclude, the ideal right situation for the prescription of Arymo should be a circumstance where it has been substantiated that severe pain requires long-term treatment. What this means is that the severe pain identified should be one that is predicted to last for a very long time. The argument here is that using ordinary medication to help relieve the pain will take a long time to achieve the desired result. The reason behind employing the use of Arymo, in this case, is to reduce the time the patient is likely to take to heal. The right dose that is different from the one prescribed for adults will be determined when treating these kinds of patients.


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