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The Life Story And Music Of Sergei Rachmaninoff

A Biography

Sergei Vasilievich Rachmaninoff, the exceptional Russian author, additionally ended up acclaimed as a piano player and conductor. He got his first distinction as an understudy, as he composed various exceedingly prevalent tunes, including the renowned Prelude, the First Piano Concerto, and the Opera, which were put in the Bolshoi theatre. In his work, he orchestrated the two fundamental Russian schools of synthesis, Moscow and St. Petersburg, and made his own particular one-of-a-kind style, which has turned into a gem of established music.

He was born on 1 APR 1873. Sergey was conceived in Semyonov farmstead, situated in the area of Novgorod, however, raised in the home of Onega, which had a place with his dad, the aristocrat Vasily Arkadyevich (Irina). The author’s mom, Lyubov Petrovna, was the girl of the Director of the Arakcheyev cadet corps. Your melodic ability, Sergei, is clearly acquired in the male line. His granddad was a piano player and gave shows in numerous urban areas of the Russian Empire. Father was likewise a superb artist, yet he played just in the cordial organization.

Known Facts About Composers

Name: Sergei Rachmaninoff

Date of birth: 1 APR 1873

Age: 69 years

Date of death: March 28, 1943.

Place of birth: village semënovo, Novgorod province

Height: 198 cm

Activities: composer, pianist, conductor

Marital status: married

Musical Training, Childhood And Young Adult Life

The music of Sergei Rachmaninoff occupied early years. The principal educator was a mother who acquainted the kid with the fundamentals of melodic documentation, he at that point learned at the welcomed musician, and at age 9 entered the Junior class of the St. Petersburg Conservatory. In any case, being at such an early age his own lord, the kid did not adapt to the enticement and started to skip classes (James). The family Council Sergei Rachmaninoff quickly disclosed to the family that he needed to train, and his dad moved him to Moscow to a private life experience school for musically skilled kids. The understudies of this foundation were under consistent observation, sharpened by playing the instruments for six hours per day and going to the Philharmonic and Opera house.

Be that as it may, after four years, after a squabble with a guide, a skilled young person stopped school. He remained in Moscow, as it was protected by relatives and just in 1988, he proceeded with his investigations, as of now in the senior classes of the Moscow Conservatory, from which he graduated with a gold award in 19 years in two zones – as a musician and as a writer. Incidentally, even in Sergei Rachmaninoff’s brief account, it is inseparably connected with the most well-known Russian performers, who met with Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky. On account of his primary youthful ability, Opera Light, crafted by A. S. Pushkin, was organized at the Bolshoi Theater in Moscow.


It ought to be noted that in Europe, Sergey Vasilevich left without cash and property in light of the fact that it would not be discharged abroad. He chose to execute as a musician. Gave Sergei Rachmaninoff a show at the show and rapidly paid off the obligations, and furthermore won incredible distinction. Toward the finish of 1918, the artist on the vessel sailed for New York, where he was welcomed as a legend and a star of the main extent. In the US, Rachmaninov kept on visiting as a piano player and sometimes as a conductor and did not stop this action until the finish of their life. Americans truly worshipped Russian arrangers and were constantly trailed by a horde of picture-takers. Sergei even needed to make changes to dispose of the irritating consideration. For instance, he frequently leased a lodging room, but he rested in an individual railroad carriage to mislead the correspondents.


Still an understudy at the Conservatory, Sergei ended up known in Moscow. It was then that he composed the First Piano Concerto, Prelude in C-sharp minor, which turned into his trademark for a long time, and a large number of melodious ditties. Be that as it may, it effectively began vocation was hindered because of the disappointment of the First Symphony. After it kept running at the St. Petersburg show corridor, the author was showered with a blast of feedback and scorching audits. Over three years, Sergey Vasilyevich did not design anything and was discouraged all the time at home lying on the lounge chair. Just with the guidance of the specialist trance specialist, the young fellow figured out how to defeat an innovative emergency.

Sergei, at long last, wrote another real work, the Second Piano Concerto. Also, this creation is as yet thought to be one of the best works of established music. Indeed, even contemporary performers have noticed the impact of this creation. For instance, Matthew Bellamy, the frontman of Muse, has made tunes like Space Dementia», Megalomania and «Ruled by Secrecy (Kramer) (Thomas). Feel the tune of the Russian arranger and the melodies The Fallen Priest» by Freddie Mercury, All by Myself» by Celine Dion, and I Think of You» by Frank Sinatra.

Totally staggering came the symphonic ballad Isle of the Dead, Symphony No. 2, which, not at all like the first, was a tremendous accomplishment with people in general, and extremely convoluted in its structure «Piano Sonata No. 2. In it, Rachmaninov has generally utilized the impact of disharmony and built up its application to the most extreme level. Talking about it being crafted by the Russian arranger also shows astonishing excellence. Vocalize. This work was distributed as a feature of an accumulation of «Fourteen tunes, however, is normally performed independently and is a measure of authority. Today, there are variants of Vocalize, which aren’t just for voice but also for piano, violin, and different instruments, including the ensemble.

A Sparkling Hit

Rachmaninov’s expansive hands became invaluable when playing out his third piano concerto. It’s more stupendous, more full and more sweeping in tone and style than the second – with the soloist extended to the very furthest reaches of his capacity. The work is utilized effectively on the soundtrack of the film Shine, and the accomplishment of the film guaranteed another gathering of people for this solid, Romantic work.

Personal Life

Sergei was an extremely loving man whose heart, over and again, flashed emotions to everyone around him, the women. Also, thanks to the passionate sentiments of the writer, it turned out to be so expressive. Sergei was around 17 years of age when he met the sisters Salon. Particularly, the fellow singled out one of them, the Faith that called Vera, or «My Psychopathy». Sergei’s sentimental inclination seemed, by all accounts, to be common yet absolutely Platonic. Vera Salon, a young fellow committed the tune «the quiet of the mystery night» sentiment for cello and piano, and also the second piece of his First piano Concerto.

In the wake of coming back to Moscow, Sergei composed a gigantic number of adoration letters for the young lady, of which there are around a hundred. In any case, in the meantime, an enthusiastic young fellow begins to look all starry-eyed at Anna Lodyzhensky, the spouse of his companion. For her, he formed the melody «Oh, ask, don’t go!» which has turned into a work of art. What’s more, Sergei met with his future spouse, Natalia Aleksandrovna Satinay, considerably prior, in light of the fact that she was the little girl of the relatives who protected him when Sergey dropped out of the lodging.

The life story of Sergei Rachmaninoff would be deficient if not for advice about his adoration for Russia. All his life, the author remained a loyalist, encircling himself estranged abroad, Russian companions, a Russian housekeeper, and Russian books. In any case, to return was denied in light of the fact that I didn’t perceive the Soviet administration. Notwithstanding, when Nazi Germany assaulted the USSR, Sergei was nearly very nearly frozen. Money was gathered with numerous shows, and he started to send the red armed force to the Fund and asked to take after the cases of numerous companions.

Some Outclass Pieces Of Work:

Piano Concertos Nos. 2 and 3. (See below for a video of No. 2.)

Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini.

Symphonies Nos. 2 and 3.

Symphonic Dances.

Liturgy of St John Chrysostom.

The Bells.


All his life, Sergey Vasilevich particularly smoked, nearly without separating with cigarettes. No doubt, this enslavement caused the writer in his later years melanoma. In any case, Sergei himself about the tumour didn’t work until the most recent days and in only a month and a half to death, gave a Grand show in the United States, which turned into his last.

A considerable number of Russian writers did not live to see his 70th birthday celebration in only three days. He kicked the bucket in his California loft in Beverly Slopes on 28 March 1943.


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