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Music is an art form, and cultural activity, whose medium is sound.

Spotify: Agile Company Culture

Introduction: Organizational or company culture is the primary root of determining the happiness and satisfaction of the respective company. As an indicator of judging the productivity and efficiency of the company, the agile company culture is an essential pillar in modern times. The company under consideration is Spotify, with a particular emphasis on agile company culture. The app provides free music around the globe after creating a user account and

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Does Music Change Culture or Culture Change Music?

An important question is asked whether music changes the culture or the culture changes the music and is music a solid platform to try and institute change? In general, culture is the beliefs and behaviors of a particular group of individuals whereas music is an expressive language of culture. Culture influences music because music is very much controlled by the culture and by the events that are going on in

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Program Music: Vivaldi’s Four Seasons

During the Baroque era, Vivaldi was the most popular instrumental composer. The Four Seasons, his most famous piece, consists of four violin concertos. Each one shows a season and is accompanied by a sonnet. For example, the first few words of one say “spring has arrived, and it has brought with it a lot of happiness. The birds sing a joyous song to welcome it “(Seasons et al., 2021). Vivaldi

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Significance of Songs and Poems Sung in the Crimean War

When The Irish Country Four released their self-titled Topic album in 1971, they included the song “The Heights of Alma” by Trevor Stewart and Jess Harpur. The deadly battle of Alma in the Crimean in 1854 claimed the lives of hundreds of millions of soldiers. It was a good win for the men but a catastrophic defeat for the generals because of their inadequate management and incompetent staff. This song

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Dance Like Royalty: Elegant Ballroom Venues and Events in the UK

Ballroom dances UK exude an irresistible allure, conjuring images of poise, elegance, and sophistication. As dancers gracefully glide across the floor, the enchanting melodies of ballroom dance music transport them to an era of timeless glamour and refinement. In this blog, we plunge into an entrancing journey to explore the most exquisite ballroom venues and events in the United Kingdom. From treasured historic ballrooms steeped in tradition to contemporary venues

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“The Convincing Research Paper on Why Gran Torino is a Good Movie?” The entertainment industry possesses a diversified list of categorical items around the globe, among which “movie” is the most potent category with a lasting impact on human life. In present times this sort of amusement has become part and parcel of life with multiple attributes. The said attributes and characteristics determine the quality of any movie, either spectacular

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Avicii (DJ, Music Producer, Artist)

  Overview Tim Bergling was a renowned Swedish DJ, record producer, and songwriter. He was born in September 8, 1989, in Stockholm, and he rose to fame as a remixer and musician. He was well known by his stage name Avicii and had a passion for music since childhood. At the age of 8, he started working on his musical projects; creating compositions in his bedroom. Bergling began posting his

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Propaganda Posters and Patriotic Music

Propaganda Posters Propaganda posters can provide information about the way WWI redefined civil liberties, women’s rights, and race relations. The pictorial representations and captions can be studied. These can help in establishing the impact of this source regarding patriotism. The post-war impact can also be analyzed through the message given in each poster. For example, posters such as “Our Coloured Fighters” can provide evidence of the role of African Americans.

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Concert (Jimi Hendrix at Woodstock)

Woodstock “Woodstock Music and Art Fair”, also known as Woodstock, is a widely acclaimed three-day music festival held in August 1969. Regarded as “An Aquarian Exposition: Three Days of Peace and Music”, the fiesta was held in New York, at a farm belonging to Max Yasqur. The landmark concert is alternatively referred to as “Woodstock Rock Festival” and despite intermittent rain, the outdoor event constituted 32 acts and was attended

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Virtual Dance Analysis

Introduction Jiri Kylian’s black and white modern dance ballet (EAG, 2020) took place in the Netherland’s Dans Theatre on April 21st, 2020. This dance show consists of six dances. The black and white modern ballet dance style is shown in this dance concert. The choreographer of this dance concert is Jiri Kylian and the music is by Johan Sabastian Batch. The music is produced by W. A Mozart. This dance

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Should anything be done to curb the rise in offensive lyrics in music?

In the evolving era of modernism, the media industry has been on open leashes without conforming to any type of moral obligations or censorship policies. This point of notion is especially directed toward entertainment media. The movies, songs, television shows, and dramas produce nowadays are full of offensive and violent content. A large number of the population is affected by such offensive media content because they religiously follow their media

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Prewrite of: Jazz music: Reflection of Black Miseries and Accomplishments

Racism/race relation. Overcoming racism and equality. Racism between black and white races. Racism faced by Afro-Americans in American society. Racial discrimination and vulnerable experiences faced by black people in America. Origin of jazz music in African-American society. The role of jazz music in American society. Racism in the genre of jazz music is reflected by black people. Jazz music as a reflection of the equality struggle of black people. Identity

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Music Midterm Writing

Introduction The world of the music industry is mostly a story of origination that has its roots in the 18th century. The creation of Music is as old as the existence of the human being however the determination to arcade and market the music industry has a history of only a few centuries; In the 18th century, the musicians like Amadeus Mozart started searching for more methods to sellout their

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Media Recommendation Presentation for Spotify

Overview of Shopify Spotify is proven to be the market leader in the music streaming industry. Spotify’s founders MARTIN LORENTZON and DANIEL EK want to give access to thousands and millions of music and soundtracks everywhere in the world and let you synchronize your music life. It was launched in the year 2008, and from its launching year, it has witnessed significant growth with more than 7 million subscribers and

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Lyric Complexity of Popular Songs

Introduction The research analysis is based on the popularity of the complicated types of lyric songs. Through the research, it has been found that these songs are mostly used in a complicated way in most of the countries across the world which brings about a lot of genre complications in the music industry. The research categorically has been based on some popular particularly the hip-pops and rock & pop songs

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what ways did the music of African American slaves provide more than just entertainment?

In what ways did the music of African American slaves provide more than just entertainment? African American slaves proved as a source of entertainment, more than their music. Music held value in the hearts of the slaves, by comforting the burden of their laborious days. It proved as comfort in form of relieving them of their pain and making it easier for them to pass time. “Field hollers” was also

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The Music of The Late 1960’s and Its Influence

Music is one of the many forms used by artists to portray a message either in an educative, entertaining, or confronting manner. The music of today’s society is taking individuals to another level owing to its existence in the work of past artists all the way from the twentieth century. The past artists introduced music in the early days of the 1960s and below and their music is motivating the

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Hip-Hop Culture Essay

In these years, polemic surrounding Hi-Hop melody has been in the head on the media of the United States. From the excitement of the Eastern Coast-West Coast rivalry that followed the hip-hop music of rappers Notorious B.I.G and Tupac Shakur. With the growth of modern melody in the rouse of university shootings in Littleton, it appears that radical and mass media clusters are very rapid in placing the culpability on

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Creation, Distribution and Consumerism in Music

The Music industry comprises of performers, distributors, publishers, makers, producers, and marketers. To understand every one of the contentions influencing every individual from the supply chain, recording organizations, and demand chain it is imperative to know how the music industry works. It is an immense and complex industry. In genuine importance, a performer is undersigned in an agreement by the record organizations to create an album or tracks.

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Intertextuality & Remix Culture

In recent years remix culture can easily be recognized, and it has become more legitimate. It can serve as some civilization that allows people to edit, integrate, and rearrange existing materials to come up with a new piece of art (Aufderheide, 2008). It is now more effortless than before for people to exchange information and ideas through the use of technology this gives birth to remixing. It is easier for

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