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The History Of Jamaica Beach vs. the Image Of Present Jamaica

The history of Jamaica is lively and rich, which motivates us to pursue our goals as a nation. The history addresses encounters of flourishing and hardships and the growth of people. Jamaica has endured seismic tremor, epidemic, starvation, and fire and it has been the home of brutal, unfeeling subjugation, scarcely second to that honed by the Spaniards themselves. The Taino clans colonized this island before the landing of Columbus in 1503. The Spanish subjugated the Tainos, who were so assaulted by their contention with the Europeans and some diseases that about the whole local populace was extinct by 1600.

The English defeated these Spanish colonists, and the oppressed Africans fled to the island’s interior, forming independent groups known as the Maroons. The slave trade becomes a popular venture for the colonists. Many people were against this slave culture and stood up against it. Many battles were fought with the English to abolish the slavery culture. The present image of Jamaica depicts how peaceful the situation is in the present. It depicts how beautiful the island is, where once people were brutally killed, and bloodshed was common (“History of Jamaica,” 2018).

No other island in the Caribbean has seen more slave uprisings than Jamaica. No group has touched the shores of Jamaica and hasn’t left any inedible print on the country’s fabric. The history of Jamaica is still reflected in its people and all over the island. It was due to these rebel groups that Jamaica and other Caribbean countries combined to form the Federation of the West Indies. However, Jamaica backed out and granted its independence from England in 1962 (“The History of Jamaica”, 2018). Jamaica now has its constitution which sets out the laws based on people’s will. The fundamental principle of the Constitution is to provide equality and justice to all people who are dwelling in the nation. The economy of Jamaica is growing, and the most significant contributor to its economy is tourism due to its beautiful views as witnessed by the image.

People from all around the world have settled in Jamaica over the years, and there has been a great racial divide in the country. Irrespective of their racial discrimination, there’s been a massive bond between them and a sense of equity to make the nation a prosperous one. Tourism is the most significant industry in terms of economic contributors. The industry declined from the start due to some riots and financial crises. However, it is evident that people worldwide visit Jamaica in their vacations and enjoy Jamaica Beach Resorts. Jamaica has 635 miles of coastline and numerous beaches for every bum. Each beach has its unique identity, and some resorts are exceptionally beautiful for being attractive to tourists (“10 Best Jamaica Beaches”, 2018).

The image of present Jamaica and the history of Jamaica show a very prominent difference where the history of Jamaica has been filled with slavery, and brutal slaughter by the colonists and how they have become an independent country and governing the country according to a constitution laid down by their people themselves. Moreover, there’s a blend of people regarding races, and they have learned to stay together and become proud of being a nation’s citizens. The nation is striving hard to build recreational spots and beach resorts that attract tourists worldwide as they are the primary contributors to the growing economy. It is evident from the researchers that the economy of Jamaica is always boosted during the summer vacations annually when numerous tourists visit these beaches. Hence, it is evident that Jamaica has progressed a lot after its freedom from the English and how they are building itself as a nation that the colonists once ruled, and the people dwelling here were treated merely as slaves. I believe the people of Jamaica have worked amazingly after showing opposition to both the pitiless colonists and how the survivors remain firm with their decision. Due to their resistance, Jamaica is now one of the most favorite islands for tourists to visit and enjoy their vacations due to its exotic beaches.


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