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The Erotic Rites of Swingers

Question 1

Culture implies a certain pattern in the society of individual behaviors which includes communication, thoughts, actions, beliefs, and customs among other aspects of life. In America, the dominant cultural value is productivity, independence, objectivity as well as a proactive approach to life. Ethnic groups are responsible for providing members with cultural values which include maintenance and intuition. Members of the same society come together irrespective of their culture. When people interact they share their beliefs as well. Some of the groups where people interact include sports clubs where there are a number of people with a different cultural backgrounds who come together.

The reason swinging is the best example is that it has people of different cultural and ethnic backgrounds but with one goal. Swingers have their own secrets and some language and beliefs that can only be understood by those who are in. Swingers are believed to be conservative since two women can pair but two men cannot since it is distinct from the gay scenario. Swingers believe that swinging can be healthy for everyone interested if only they follow their required rules (Gould, 2000).

Question 2

Culture is a significant pattern in human life. Every culture is shared by inhabiting the same part of the globe. The geographical location, beliefs, and values constitute their culture, and therefore, being a common group within the society develops the aspect of unity and belonging. Subculture studies usually include the study of symbolism such as music, dressing as well as other visible affections by group members.

The elements of culture include the nonmaterial culture and the material culture. These are:


Every culture or cultural group has some symbol. A symbol is anything that is used in place of something else. The symbols shared among a group include gestures, images,s or sounds. For example, the wearing of the black ring in the swinging community in the toe means that one is in. Each symbol has a meaning to the swingers’ lifestyle.


Language is another element in each culture where a system of symbols and words is used in passing a message. Swinging has its own language which outsiders may not understand. It is not a secret word but since one is not part of them they may not get the meaning.


Values are another crucial element in a cultural system that defines what is good or desired. Therefore in a group members use the values they share when deciding what is bad and good in decision making. For instance, in swingers happiness is what they value most and therefore they do not need a social status


Each and every society or group has a number of expectations on how its members should and should not behave. A norm is used as a guideline for the behavior expected and each society makes up its own rule and decision on behaviors. In-swinging there are certain ways one is supposed to carry themselves. Swinging is an open marriage and requires a certain process. During intimacy when unwanted feeling starts to appear then one should quit swinging.

Question 3

A value is an indication to what extent is something good or bad or viewed good or bad in a given society. Values in the cultural group or society are general and lack the specialty of a particular situation or action. Values can be classified according to aesthetics, cognitive as well as moral reasons. In a group, each person is treated with dignity and respect. Swingers give a low priority to religion and traditional sense and they do not really care about their social status. To them, their values are innate happiness and values which can be gained through their immediate circles that is friends and relatives (Jenks, 2001).

Question 4

Sanction in sociology is defined as a way of insisting to comply with societal norms. Sanctions can be negative or positive depending on the outcome that is if they are celebrated they are stated as positive but when they punish they are known to be negative. Sanctions are a very powerful force behind the influence of norms such as culture and beliefs.  The reasons, why we enforce social norms, are because they are very crucial in our daily interactions without them we would have been living in chaotic and unstable groups.

Question 5

Globalization allows the extension of cultural diversities outwards. To this extent that we refer to the global culture where culture has become integrated and incorporated into one dominant culture. In the sports group, its social values and norms have led to the interaction of various cultural groups. Globalization has brought a number of effects to real-life hence leading to a number of debates.  The powerful cultural trends have a number of effects on both underdeveloped as well as advanced countries. These trends are the ones known as modernity but over time, the theories of modernization are now extended to the ideas of globalization (Kimberly, 2016).

There are a number of family disruptions that distract the forces behind modernization as well as globalization, which leads to conflict between religion and cultural values, Swinging lifestyle has been facing religious and moral objections for over a period of time since they see it as adultery. Swingers are exposed to health risks similar to that expose to casual sex workers which are at risk of contaminating STDs. Protected sex is encouraged but however, but some engage in barebacking which is unprotected sex. Swingers like other groups have a global diffusion and it is being copied in other societies not because many people are becoming swingers but because of society admits to being part of the community.


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