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The environment in anthropology: A reader in ecology, culture, and sustainable living

The research in the part provided emphasizes on the need for biodiversity conservation, as it is becoming one of the growth areas for anthropologists. Also, aspects of ecological anthropology are stressed since the effects of the environmental anthropology have been studied for a while. On the same note, the study establishes the actor based models whose interest has been received in the social anthropology. A precise analysis of the same makes the following assumptions in regards to biodiversity and ecological aspects of anthropology. The first assumption is that emphasis on the mannerisms that build the environment and behavior should be considered, and at the same time, Conflict should be incorporated in recognizing goals of a given expression.

Furthermore, the research calls for the use of different ethnology that connects knowledge and action, an essential aspect of power structures. In addition to the above elements, various institutions that promote effectiveness anthropological endeavors are identified and their roles defined. Some of the organizations include the Calacamul, a Mexican institution (Haenn & Richards 248). According to available data, it is composed of a buffer zone and the reserve. The role of the reserve is to signify the biosphere reserve.

One of the problems observed with this research I based on the evidence. Some elaboration on evidence is not well explained and some important parts are omitted. For example, although some institutions facilitating the same in research are named, very little information is provided about them. Therefore, this research overlooks their importance of the said institution towards realizing the objectives and strategies of this research.

Also, it is essential to recognize all underlying factors that facilitate globalization, culture among other aspects related to this research. It is also crucial to determine the underlying activities carried by specific personnel towards the achievement of this. As previous studies indicate, these are some of the aspects that cultivate humans and therefore, as such, should be considered seriously.


Haenn, Nora, and Richard Wilk, eds. The environment in anthropology: A reader in ecology, culture, and sustainable living. NYU Press, 2006.



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