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The Attacks on September 11, 2001

Human history is full of heart-breaking incidents that remain ever sobbing even after years and 9/11 attacks are one of the central example of such incidents that raising many questions against human brutality. The incident occurred at around 8:40 am on September 11, 2001, 19 militants belonged to the terrorist group Al Qaeda who hijacked four airplanes. Al Qaeda used these hijacked plans for carrying out the suicidal attack against targets (Pentagon and World Trade Center) (Eric, 2019). Two of the planes hit two adjacent towers of World Trade Center in New York while the third one hit the Pentagon situated outside Washington, D.C. The fourth and last plane was crashed in Shanksville, Pennsylvania. About 3000 people lost their lives in this attack that is even remembered today as a black day in United States history.

There is no doubt that this threatening event was of great significance as it changed the lives of thousands who had to live without their loved ones. This event cast its impact on all the fields of life i.e. art, entertainment, educational institutes, social and political life, international relation, individual life, science and mental conditions of people. This event was also of great importance as it initiative a war against terrorism that was the root cause of this event (Library, 2019). The United States become more conscious about its security and policies and called a war against terrorism and Al Qaeda.

This event proved a life-changing event for thousands a lot of research has done upon 9/11 attacks. Different dimensions are being discussed in these studies that are being done on this brutal act of Al Qaeda. Not only researches were done but also many people who survived in this terrorist attack described their gloomy experience and how this event changed their life. Most of the researchers believed that this event influenced the lives of American citizens a lot and they fall a victim of many psychological disorders (Psychological and Emotional Effects of the September 11 Attacks on the World Trade Center, 2019). According to the research carried out by Bertel and his colleagues, this events had deeply affected both physically and mentally the residents of Americans however, its effects are rarely studied (Hansen et al., 2016). This study also claims that damaging effects on the psychological health of people go beyond American. In this article, researchers claimed that visible effects regarding mental disorders of this terror attack have been witnessed in the Kingdom of Denmark. There has been reported an increase of 16% in the incidences of the trauma and stressor-related disorders. This report also showed that the psychological impacts of these incidents are not limited to Americans but to a greater extent, it left impacts on the people around the globe.

According to Steward (2009), events like 9/11 do not have limited effects rather all the walks of life are being affected by this kind of events. In his book, the author has mentioned that 9/11 casted impacts specifically on arts, media, and entertainment. Darkness and grief become a prominent color in most of the artwork and entertainment industry. Literary work and paintings started portraying the effects and impacts of this destructive event. Both these studies provide help in understanding the effects that show a close connection between the topic and its influence.

Some people survived during this event and shared their heart-drenching experience with researchers and media reports. Most people believe that luck was the driving force that saved their lives in this event. According to the article by Garrett M Graff, those who survived during this incident mostly fall a victim to many mental health issues. Graff (2019) mentioned the experiences of a few people who believed that it was just their luck that saved them that day. Things being described by the people who survived helped in understanding what pain victims who went through this event. This article also provided a closer investigation of this event as these people experienced this incident so the information provided by them was more credible. After analyzing both primary and secondary resources, there comes a question in my mind that what are the steps that authorities took for improving the system of practices implemented in the traveling security for avoiding such events?

Though the whole world got trembled by this incident certain groups were affected the most. Also, drastic events like 9/11 make countries aware of their security policies that they need to review. Student, health institutes and policymakers are the main audiences who would be benefitted the most from this message. I would tailor my message by published in media and newspapers. I would circulate my message on social site so that victims of these events who are suffering from disabilities or loss of loved ones could be given moral support. Easy and simple historical terminology has been used. Also, in the message where little difficult historical terminology has been used, I used certain examples for facilitating the readers and the audience.

I clearly explained all the things so that the audience could get the information that I want to communicate. States and related examples are being used for effectively communicating the audience. For effectively communicating my message to the audience, I used the stories and articles which describe the personal experiences of people who directly got affected by this event. Also, I seek the help of social media for effectively communicating my message to my audiences. I would say that for making a health understanding between audience and message one must mention stats and stories of people’s personal experience so that the audience would relate well and develop a better understanding.


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