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The Angel of Death Serial Killer by Charles Cullen

“The Angle Of Death” Charles Callan, a nurse in New Jersey, USA, who was a serial killer in US history, has killed up to 40 innocent people. These cases have shown up on the front screen, but there are many cases that are not present on the front page, and these all murders took place 40 years ago in 7 different hospitals. He was the youngest child among eight children born in a poor family and protected by his mother at the age of 9. Cullen made his first suicide attempt by drinking the mixture of a home chemistry set, and these types of suicidal attempts continued for years. He kills himself and his mental disorder to victimize the helpless patients who are admitted to different hospitals, whose families have a firm belief that they are saved and under the umbrella of strong care and compassion. But their loved ones had no idea that they had handed over their piece of heart to a dangerous grave in the hands of Cullen.

In 1993, the prosecutor investigated a Cullen case, where he opted to test 100 medications instead of one that Cullen used to kill a powerful drug called “Digoxin injection” USP 500mcg /2ml, which was the first weapon of his choice. This drug is very powerful cardiac medication, in small it does heart break down a complete heart blocked which cause death and he was aware of this. He usually victimized patients who were under the age of 21- 91 years old, and it really depended upon the running situation in his mind to whom to choose and give them a drug dose. According to him, it was not personal at all. The purpose of his victimization was not to get satisfaction and pleasure but to give them relief according to him (Documentales en Español, n.d.-a).“The people would not suffer any more and his intentions was merciful to help them and give them relief” but the evidence does not support it.60-year-old Elerener Stacker, an asthma patient, and 21-year-old Michel Spranke are not suffering much, but he gives them a dose of Dix. And he justified himself that (Documentales en Español, n.d.-b) “I think I just overwhelmed by the time, and I really don’t think to give any justification to anyone”.

Cullen was a psychotic patient living in insecurities with his family, and he victimized helpless, ill people admitted to the hospitals in different areas where he worked with the intention of the merciful act, which was “merciful,” according to him.m

Services to the victims being a victim service advocate.e

The Cullen case that we have studied gives a pathetic picture of a society where it clearly shows that this is not the case in New Jersey but appears everywhere all around the world where serial killers are present and killing innocent people without any enmity and personal grudge but due to their mental disorder and mental capabilities they are doing such acts just to justify their reasons. Now the question arises: what services could I offer to the families, friends, and the community as a victim service advocate? For a better understanding, we first have to learn what a victim service advocate is. “Victim advocates are those professional’ trainers who support victims of crime. He offers victims information, emotional support, and help to find main resources and fill out paperwork. Sometimes, advocates also go to court with victims”. So, being a victim service advocate, my services to the community, friends, and family is to support them emotionally because it’s not an easy task for the victims to console themselves on the loss of their loved ones. They stand by themselves and will provide all the services in my hand to provide them justice and fight till the end to remove such evils from society, which are the dark spots in the name of humanity.

Services that are available to the victim’s family in the New Jersey state

According to the “Department of Human Services Divisions of Family Developments,” New Jersey provides different services and programs for individuals and families that are working in child support, child care, mental health and addiction services, general assistance, social services for the homeless, victims of families and domestic violence and many more other social services to the families or other victims that are suffering and referred them available support services. Its purpose is to motivate to new life and a brighter future. For this, different programs are running for families, like Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF), General Assistance (GA), Supportive Assistance to Individuals and Families Program (SAIF), Country Welfare Agency, and Supplemental Security Income. New Jersey is only one of those states that provide cash benefits and support services to help the victims of families and other societal victims.


Humanity has no borders and regions; all humans are superior, no cast, and race matters in this cosmos. Watching Cullen’s confession as a serial killer had traumatic effects on my mind and body, which clearly showed that he was not guilty of doing such a humane act. Most probably, he would not have been stopped if he had not been caught. This gives an impression of the brutal killing of a human without any reason and shows the innocence of families who have trusted the caretaker, who is supposed to be an angel. This is not a problem in one part of the world but everywhere in the world, which shows the negligence of the administration and blind trust of people, which would impact the whole life of the victim families, and might they not recover their trust in such type of “saviors” who are supposed to save lives.


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