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Sweets Sunday Operations, Technology, Management, and Social Responsibility Plan

Fast food, snacks, and beverages are one of the fastest expanding industries in the world, drawing an increasing number of investors. As a result, Jason founded Sweets Sundays, a snack company situated in Waldorf, 100 miles from his home. The company aspires to provide high-quality products and services to its consumers. On a retail and wholesale basis, the company offers its customers baked items like cakes, as well as services such as cake decorating and special activities such as birthday celebrations. The company name is intended to entice more clients to buy because it connotes sweetness and delicacy. It will make premium ice cream and baked items for its retail and wholesale clients. Our Bakery’s major items include cupcakes, ice cream, and cookies. With its casual and welcoming ambience, the company is currently known for facilitating clients to make their personalized product blends. The company plans to expand sales to one million by the conclusion of the second fiscal year. As a result, the firm’s manager will create an operation strategy, a technical plan, a management and organizational plan, and a social responsibility plan that will be critical in meeting the sales targets. Furthermore, the organization will have a financial forecast that accounts for sales and other required costs to meet the goal sales.

Operation Plan

The firm will be located at Waldorf, 100 miles from the residence. Sweet Sundays Being a new firm, it might be expensive to purchase and build a building for the firm to operate; hence the firm management has to rent a 1000 square foot room in Waldorf, where they would be charged 1000 dollars per month. All of the firm’s items are tested on this site, and client feedback is recorded in real-time to help the company increase online sales. Customers will order mixes at the retail store via touch displays, just like on the Internet.

Production Process

Sweet Sundays will manufacture all of its products for both retail and wholesale customers. The production of the all-Sweet Sunday products cannot be a success without purchasing equipment such as mixing equipment which would be used in mixing ingredients, and it is an ideal equipment for sweet goods and wheat-based snacks. Additionally, the firm will have to purchase other equipment such as baking and drying machines, refrigerators, burners, ovens, and sheeted snacks equipment that would help produce a uniform dough sheet and Gauging Stations to ensure optimum thickness before formation. Using the Rotary Cutting Station, you can make scrapples geometric forms and different shapes. The purchasing of these types of equipment would cost the following;

Item Quantities Costs per machine Total Costs
Mixing equipment 1 $ 6000 $ 6000
Refrigerators 3 $ 2000 $ 6000
Burners 4 $ 4000 $ 16000
Ovens 5 $ 3500 $17500
Baking and drying machines 2 $ 4500 $ 9000
Utensils $10000 $10000
Tables 5 $2000 $10000
Ice cream bar 2 $3400 $ 6800
Snacks Extruded and Co-Extruded 1 $1800 $ 1800

For Sweet Sundays to enhance quality control, the manufacturers will label all our products correctly with warnings and vital information about our products. Training employees would also be essential as, at times, food and snack contamination would result from human power negligence. Equipping all the employees with the necessary skills and knowledge would help yield high-quality products. The training of employees would cost approximately $200.

Because a company cannot run successfully with stockpiles, the company’s management must seek suppliers to supply the necessary materials for manufacture. Magee Ice Cream Bakery and Bluegrass Ice Cream Bakery are the two largest wholesale snack providers in Waldorf. Because the two bakeries provide high-quality goods and services, they would be our suppliers because they are dependable and provide quality assurance. We will have two more vendors on board within two months. The search for the five most dependable suppliers will continue during the first six months of operation. The wholesale price of products varies substantially depending on their quality, uniqueness, and other characteristics. Some high-quality ingredients and snacks can be purchased for $10 to $15 per pound.

Research and Development

Every day is new in the trading sector, especially in the snack industry, since customers’ tastes and preferences change. Hence, the firm must research to guarantee its current market trends. The research and development process can be carried out in various methods, such as conducting a survey utilizing questionnaires and gathering client feedback, which would assist the firm in discovering new prospects and making improvements.

Personnel Needs in Operations

The firm owner cannot assume all tasks and responsibilities alone, so he must hire various personnel to help improve efficiency and effectiveness in producing goods and services. The following employees will be hired to fulfill the jobs and responsibilities listed below.

Employee Salary ($) Role
Caterers 4000 They will be in charge of baking.
Manufacturers 2000 They will manufacture and label all products.
Suppliers 10000 They will help in supplying the firm with the raw materials.
Marketer and Sales Force 3200 Promotes a company’s products and services. They develop tactics to improve sales and revenue while keeping customer and market needs in mind.
ICT manager 1200 I will help in creating the Bakery’s website and social media platforms and post all relevant information concerning the Bakery.
Customer Care 500 I will be answering all inquiries from the customers, picking orders, and handling customers’ complaints.
Procurement officer 1800 Procurement Officers are in charge of evaluating products, services, and suppliers, as well as negotiating contracts.
Project Manager 5000 Controlling all activities within the Bakery.
Accountant 3000 Accountants will be in charge of all financial planning, reconciliation, and verification of financial records.

Technological Plan

In the current developing trading world, the success of the firm or any company is contingent upon its capacity to minimize costs, maximize profits, and boost efficiency through applying advanced Technology. So far, Technology has had a transformative effect on revolutionary businesses. Organizations of all sizes employ technologies such as software and hardware, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and servers to make their jobs easier. These tools can offer them the essential competitive advantage many businesses want (Carberry et al.,2019). Hence, for Sweet Sundays to reach targeted sales, it needs to advance its Technology. For instance, the firm will have to purchase various hardware such as computers, monitors, and desktops that would help in reducing manual work. Technology is essential for creativity. The company’s efforts will use cutting-edge Technology. For example, the corporation will use computer programs to evaluate blending, graphic design, and packing instead of manual labor. The company sells presentation software and equipment for engraving names on beverage bottles.

Additionally, Sweet Sundays will use two PCs to conduct the production and store organizational data and information in terms of hardware (Ahsan,2019). Accounting programming, inventory management, and a database system will be implemented to improve the efficiency of the company’s business activities. The firm will open an online store where clients can place orders and deliver them to their favorite locations to enhance sales. Furthermore, Technology has led to easy communication techniques; hence the firm will bug gadgets such as phones, Internet, fax, and mobile phones.

Employees and clients can contact the business via email and online chat. By allowing customers to place orders online, Sweet Sundays will be able to reach a larger audience. Digital technologies must be utilized to foster creativity and innovation. According to Peters et al. (2020), staff should adopt a teamwork attitude to facilitate exchanging ideas for developing beverages. The implementation of this Technology would cost approximately $5000.

Management and Organization plan

According to Fredrick Taylor, failure to practice management within the organization leads to failure as there is neither order nor instruction from a central point; thus, every worker working depends on their instructions. To enhance smooth operations within the firm, Sweet Sundays must have a management and organizational plan indicating their positions and role in the company. Failure to plan would result in Sweets Sunday not achieving one million sales in the second year. To have a sound management plan, Sweet Sundays will employ significant employees such as the CEO, project manager, human resource manager, and caterers (Afolayan,2021). The CEO will be in charge of the company’s growth, requiring them to act as negotiators, leaders, liaisons, communicators, and figureheads. A project manager’s role is to define that concept and establish a procedure for realizing it in collaboration with both internal and external stakeholders. This process includes setting and handling customer expectations, generating a detailed project plan, determining the project’s scope, and assigning team members to specific tasks. Consultants who offer strategy, marketing, and financial advice will be consulted by Sweet Sundays.

Social Responsibility

Social responsibility is a key element that helps in making business operations to be a success. The social responsibilities within the business include environmental protection, employee morale and security, and goods safety, among others. The business will consider the priorities and interests of its stakeholders as it creates this plan (Brin & Nehme,2019). The company’s management will know the connection between CSR strategy and moral behavior. The organization can handle various social and moral issues in various ways. The company’s ethics and CSR strategy should include elements enabling it to simultaneously address multiple moral and social responsibility issues (Brin & Nehme,2019). Probably the most crucial component of any business is its workforce. In other words, the entire business suffers if something makes it difficult for the employees to perform. A financial managers should ensure that their workplace is secure and engaging if they want to produce a superior product quickly and efficiently. A company can reduce expensive legal fees, worker accidents, and downtime. To enhance good social responsibility, the firm will do the following;

  1. It will begin by participating in after-school programs, homeless shelters, and charitable organizations that support veterans and the underprivileged. As a result, the business will continue to support ecotourism and collaborate with suppliers who support our objectives for corporate social responsibility and business.
  2. To reduce the environmental impact of our beverage production operations, the company will only use organic material that has received the United States Department of Agriculture’s approval.
  3. It will also use hybrid and electric vehicles to transport our items and recycle all kitchen and office waste. Additionally, the staff will set one day aside for charitable activities each month.


The fast food, snack, and beverage industry, which draws more and more investors, has one of the fastest growth rates among all global industries. As a result, Jason established the 100-mile-from-his-home snack business Sweets Sundays in Waldorf. The company wants to provide top-notch products and services to its clients. The company serves its customers on a retail and wholesale basis by offering baked goods like cakes and services like cake decorating and distinctive events like birthday celebrations. The firm will purchase various equipment’s such as mixing equipment, refrigerators, burners and ovens to make production process a success. Sweet Sundays will use technologies like software, hardware, servers, personal digital devices, and even artificial intelligence (AI) to make their jobs easier. These resources could give them the crucial competitive edge that many companies seek. The CEO will be the head of the organization and hence will be in charge of all decision-making process within the firm. The company will establish good social obligations like providing safety for employees and enhancing recycling to prevent environmental pollution to create an enabling environment.


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