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Sushi USA: The Japanese Paradigm

John Kessler’s “Sushi USA: The Japanese Paradigm” is another interesting essay dealing with food culture. Respond to the following questions about this reading.

1. How does Kessler compare Americans’ eating habits to the traditional eating habits of the Japanese? How are they different?

Kessler compared the traditional eating habits of the Japanese with the Americans and found that the Japanese have a different approach to satisfy their hunger as compared to the Americans. Kessler argued that Americans focused on the quantity of food and include more fat in their dishes as compared to that of Japanese cuisines which focused on quality and comprise more calories with less fat in their diet. Japanese eat more dishes in small portions and prioritize vegetables and healthy protein in contrary to Americans.

2. What places does Kessler describe visiting in this essay? What does he learn from these places?

In the article, Kessler described that in 1983; he visited Kansai in Japan and learns about the secrets of Japanese approach to eat healthy and nutritious food.  He went to different restaurants and food places in the country and observed that Americans are wrong in interpretation of Japanese eating styles as unhealthy.

3. What are some examples of the primary research Kessler includes in this essay?

The primary researches that Kessler includes in the essay are his personal experiences in different eating places and restaurants in Japan

4. What are some examples of the secondary research Kessler includes in the essay?

The example of secondary research in the essay is the use of statistical data as the obesity rate among Japanese is 3%, in contrast to Americans 31%. Another example of secondary research is the reference to a Japanese cookbook named Washoku in the article.

5. Of these two essays “Sushi USA” and “Friday Night at Iowa 80”, which do you find more interesting? Explain your response.

From two essays “Sushi USA” and “Friday Night at Iowa 80”, Sushi USA is very fascinated because it provides the details of a healthy approach to eating that is misrepresented in America. The essay motivates people to eat healthy by adopting Japanese eating styles.

6. Of these two essays, which do you feel is more ethnographic? Explain your response.

Sushi USA is a more ethnographic essay because it focuses upon the particular culture and its people. The essay includes the details about Japanese and American cultures in term of their eating habits. Further it avoids information about any other group of people or cultures; therefore Sushi USA is considered a more ethnographic essay.



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