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Strengths and Limitations of the Behaviorist Approach

Evidently, all human behaviors are subject to learning, and therefore, it is believed that an individual is able to unlearn some specific behaviors and can replace them with other traits. According to this approach, the behavioral approach is about different aspects of human behaviors that can be observed and measured.

Strengths and Limitations of the Behaviorist Approach


The behavioral approach can be implemented both classically and in an operant manner to its interconnected approaches. Moreover, its systematic desensitization significantly depends on classical conditioning and, therefore, is effective in tackling different types of phobias. The behavioral approach features rationale efficacy because it is based on scientifically approved research methods and, for this reason, implies objective, observable, and measurable experimentation that, in turn, helps to decipher human behaviors precisely.


The behavioral approach has several advantages; however, a few limitations impact its overall efficacy. It majorly highlights the argument of nature and nurture-based perceptions. Furthermore, according to this approach, it is believed that behaviors are learned, but biological and cognitive factors affect the behavior patterns and their magnitude to a great extent. Another issue goes totally against this approach that is the exploitation of animals throughout their experimentation, which is an unacceptable practice ethically.

Pinpoint Workplace Stress

Like all other stresses, workplace stress as well features a wide variety of reasons and an array of symptoms. Such symptoms include behavioral, physiological, and psychological indicators. Workplace stress can be identified through different research methods, including interviews, observations, and questionnaires. However, observational methods are more effective and pragmatic in identifying stress and its reasons within an organizational setting.


Observation is a research method through which people’s behaviors are examined and recorded throughout some particular situations systematically. Observation is a smart option to sift through human behaviors as it focuses on their actual doings instead of relying on fabricated statements. However, it is indispensable to attain approval from a person before conducting such observations. Sometimes, this consent becomes a limitation of this approach because, in this case, people assessed with an awareness of being observed can behave in a controlled and cautious manner. Similarly, it is not a practical approach to delve into an individual’s standpoint.

Ethical Issues of Observation

Conducting research through observation has two primary ethical concerns that are:

  • A need for permission from a specific person or authority to initiate the observational process.
  • There is a need to make anyone aware that one is conducting an observational study.

A researcher has to acquire permission from anyone who is in charge of that specific setting to deal with such ethical issues. For instance, in the case of workplace observation, one has to look forward to the approval of the manager. Other ethical concerns are based on the nature and intervention level of observation. For example, in public research, it is not possible to get permission from every passerby, but in the case of individual observation research studies, it is suggested to get authorization from the observant.


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