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Strategic Training Process of Pixar

The revolutionary heights and landmarks in the field of business are associated with the advent of computer technology. New dimensions and horizons were introduced in this regard. The animated feature films are also one such remarkable addition of computer technology application globally. Pixar is one of the pioneers in this field and produces numerous animated feature films to entertain and aware the general public around the world. The success story of Pixar lies with the advanced training process in the company to face the competitors with dignity.

Meanwhile, Pixar has adopted a splendorous strategic training process to update its employees and working mechanism. In this way, the company flourished within decades to the heights of glory. The first and foremost strategy of the company is to enhance creativity among all the sections and departments of the company. It is not wrong to say that the company used to carve creativity instead of teaching. The main emphasis is on inventing new dimensions and aspects of creative work. The employees get intensive training to enhance creativity and newness in the work

Moreover, learning previous and new techniques, revisions, and commitment to complete work with integrity are key factors regarding the training process of Pixar. The training process revolves around the principle of perfection without slight mistakes. Furthermore, the work is project-based, and it is broken into multiple units and segments. The training strategy teaches the employees to perfect each segment before moving toward the next part and level.

However, the training philosophy believes in collective effort and teamwork instead of only individual polishing. The alignment of multiple cultures and their depiction through animation is a tough job to accomplish. The training process also enables stakeholders to take risk factor under consideration so that the results can be manifold. In this way, the company believes in the promotion of new emerging ideas in the training process. Meanwhile, the training process also ensures examining feedback from the customer side and formulate future policy for better entertainment.



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