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Super Bowl Marketing Strategies

Super Bowl Sunday continues to prove its prowess in attracting the masses to its addictive and lucrative marketing strategies. Over the years, Super Bowl Ads have evolved and been shaped in different forms by the intervention of marketing strategies and the variations noticed in these strategies. Super Bowl Sunday has always been at the center of everyone’s busy schedule, proving to be a glorious moment on the weekend, but at a closer glance, it partially focuses on football, whereas the majority of the spotlight is on the commercials being aired. However, these commercials have become very elaborate, frequently discussed, and financially more expensive than in previous years.

The rising price of television commercials has pushed advertisers to use social media to promote their commercials. Online advertising is a fitting way to gain exposure for their products. One such example of social media promotion includes YouTube, which has made these ads widely available to viewers and comparatively less expensive than television. However, the question remains of whether the Super Bowl Commercials have improved or not over the last few years. From an analytical perspective, ads are meant to present meaning to the public, something for them to remember and promote them to buy their product. The ads from the 1980s seem to be on a much stronger standing than the present ones (Kim et al., 2005). The ads back then provided something for the viewers to remember, for instance, the commercial based on Apple’s Macintosh from 1984 or the Coca-Cola commercial from 1979 left the audience with a simple, productive and easy to remember the ad. Ads today are much more focused on presenting celebrities to promote their product better. Marketers have found better ways to conceal their price tags and discovered better ways of tempting the customer. The main idea behind Super Bowl Ads is to bring forth something that is relatively different from all of the others, something that can set a market standard. Apple’s Macintosh Ad from 1984 is one such example, and Micheal Hiltzik agreed with it in the Los Angeles Times, mentioning that Apple set a standard back then and introduced a trend that other ads need to follow (Kim & Cheong 2011).


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