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Introductory Statement

The strategic plan was established by the CEO (Chief Executive officer) to assist in: Monitoring the progress making sure that the goals are achieved, and monitoring the development in contradiction to the business plan. Working closely with the board and chairs to advance and bring up the farm’s strategy. With the collaboration of the broader team to update the various goals of the business plan on an annual basis to ensure they have to reflect the strategy (City, 2018).

The theory about strategic planning

Planning is one of the practice essentials in current life. All people tend to practice it to a lesser or even greater extent. For personal lives, people plan for different occasions such as assets acquisitions, e.g. (Houses, consumable goods cars, etc.), careers, and holidays. However, in some cases, people plan for detailed business budgets while on other occasions people tend to do it informally and efficiently work things out for the in-person head. Nevertheless, people do it mainly, in planning as events originate for respective actions to achieve the projected results. Therefore, business planning is implemented in working areas with much more systematic methods. People intend to plan and improve new services or products for new creativities and agendas. Plans are drawn to deliver change in performing things from different perspectives and better (Mintzberg, 2018). Draft and implementation of all the short, medium or ling projects pertaining to the organization are done. For the essence of planning, route maps are the structure current organization location, and where is intended to head. Therefore planning is essential to business and the entire organization’s life.

Planning business environment: Henri Fayol, his approach describes states that planning is included in the management’s prime responsibility. Hence he refers to planning to describing the future, on deciding what is supposed to be carried out and then coming up with plan action. Therefore it entails planning, organization, expertise, management, and controller (H.I, 2018).

Therefore strategic plans involve systematic envisions for the desired future and thus transacting the vision into various broad, well-defined goals and aims using a series of procedures to archive them. Whichever the case, in contrast to long-term planning, the strategic plan has to begin with the defined end and work to go back to the existing status. During the early stages, the planner has to define what is supposed to be done to help to move to the next level. Therefore the strategic plans have to be broader and also somehow flexible when making some responsible choices (Fayol et al., 1930).

Background Statement

Stepney City Farm was established as a charity farm in the year 2000. Stepney City Farm is a four-acre city farm which is located in Tower Hamlets in the London Borough. However, it is a registered charity that is structured to provide recreation and education changes in the community and also encourage some improvement as well being. As an organized farm, the organization is entitled to deliver meat, vegetables, and fruits for ale. Just to cite a few, the farm is designated to carry out volunteer and training, curriculum-based linked classes, and craft classes for the employees in crafts and food growing. However, all ages are covered by the involved projects. It entails a community resource that provides opportunities for the urbanized people to feel the actual rural taste close to their home. The form has a shop that makes a profit for the charity.

However, the other aspects include maintaining the daily activities on the farm responsible for the charity. Regarding long-term work strategy. There are responsibilities which include reporting to the trustees, health and safety, budget management and management line, new projects development, and making sure that the running projects are successfully run. Hence the farm is based on the food offering a supportive and friendly environment and an enjoyable place to work at in a unique setting. The farm works under a strategized and organized structure that maintains good communication with the stakeholders and the entire community. This is to promote the importance of the food, Agriculture awareness hence good diversity to the farm users ensuring the incorporation.


Stepney City Farm aims its knowledge to be communal and all-inclusive social development focused on the elevation of Charity principles and farming fineness in a multicultural framework. The organization is dedicated to cultural-based charity service to produce services eligibility in food growing and craft to the enabled people. With a distinctive concern on the approach towards the community enhancement projects and more so in the city. As a significant result, the farm is entitled to aspire to carry out all possible plans to help transform the reliability upon by the members of the community. Therefore working together with all genders ethnicity and the community at large (Hofstrand, 2018).


1. Trusted farm management in meat, fruits, and vegetable production.

2. A privileged choice for the unemployed youth

3. charity services

4. Reliability

5. Quality services

6. Conduct of farming skills and projects to promote lively cityhood among the city dwellers.

7. Responsible working environment.

8. the Best choice


Stepney City Farm provides a hospitable working environment development projects to help prepare the unemployed to transform to a busy context on the farm. Stepney City Farm is therefore devoted to offering versatile and excellent products in the city environment which assist in promoting the merit in training and equipping skills of its workers, exploration, and education as well as the primary working skills and essential progress.

Problem statement

The form is not able to run its services adequately due to unsustainable conditions that affect the daily running of the business. Lack of enough infrastructure and funds to host maximum projects and involve as many members of the community as possible. There are additional hindrances which include, e.g. poor living conditions for the animals, animals like cows conditions are very discouraging. The farm experiences a problem of having only two animals which are both considered to be unsuitable for inconsonant and site in being a progressing farm. Therefore challenging the management of the Stepney City Farm for the daily to daily activities as expected. However, the farm is working towards it objective plans to work under the existing challenges. SWOT analysis


History the farm has a good history of assisting the community, therefore, making it reliable for the services it offers and the services it is engaged in.

Knowledge: Adequate knowledge in programs is offered by the farm to the community, therefore, equipping them with unstainable kills on farming and the production of farm products.

External factors: there has been a lot of contributions by the well-wishers and able members of the community through funding and other related grant hence making Stepney City Farm grow towards the actual goals (Cityfarm, 2018).


Small site: the site is not very accommodative, for example when the farm began, the site was overstocked due to space insufficiency. This led to animal welfare problems, and therefore RSPCA was involved (City, 2018).

Working in most impoverished and densely populated places has been a progressing challenge that is making it hard to configure all the projects and certify the adequate need of the community.

Brand power: Not everybody in the town is satisfied with the Stepney City Farm products some prefer other modernized products raters than the natural produces from the farms.


Training: the farm is in a good position to train more personnel to perform for the community hence delivering one of its goals. The availability of human volunteering is growing at a significant rate thereby full-filling projects.

Services: more services are growing in demand, and the farm is now equipping its structure and workforce to deliver more community-based programs and products.

Market: the population is very high henceforth availability of both labor and consumption on the other end. The due demand is glowing high to allow more chances for organization growth.


Larger price-oriented store: to deliver quality products and services, the farm is entailed to have the primary storage of the raw materials such as stock, but due to the insufficient accommodation, there is a need to find an external store which is a bit inconvenience for distribution of work.

Funding: income generation and founding are ideally low therefore risking to run the farm conveniently. This reflects low services deliver to the communities thus lowering the targeted objective of the company goal.


Stepney City Farm entails the general statement that the farm needs to archive. Categorically the ideal goal is a millstone through an implementation process. To start with long terms goals,

and increase the number of consumers: the farm is structured for an adequate number of consumers. Considering the farm is not based on profit-making. Hence it is projected to have reliable services that are acceptable and highly consumable to the targeted customers. In this case, the increase rate of the farm from when it was established is aimed to meet the threshold of serving the entire community in the city.

Provide better customer service: ideally, advancing the employee skills, the method will therefore glad of offering professional consumer services. All the services provided to the customers will be satisfactory and serve the adequate needs of the customers. More convenient methodologies will be implemented from the employee participation in their duties hence delivering quality as it is expected on the overall performance.

Increase good relations with the customers: the farm is established to be reliable and improve the community lives hood. Therefore, improvising all customer requirements when producing the customers with respective product or service. Customers are supposed to be handled responsibly, and their needs are solved within the appropriate time to deliver maximum relationship. The demand from the consumers is to be provided for with minimum time since there is an adequate number of employees on the farms, this will have to maintain the customers and also provide good working terms for both parties.

Short-term goals have to be improvised within the three months

Improve training of the employee: the main agenda of the farm is to establish more kills to the workers so that they can manage to provide adequate services and timely delivery. The employee will have to attend extra classes here they will advance their knowledge of the farming techniques. However, the acquired skills will offer a better hand to handle the farm animals in professional care. Improvising the new skills will deliver quality, timely and convenient working methodologies within the form.

Stepney City Farm goals objectives procedure

The main objective of the farm is to develop a procedural goal and to set the objectives to offer good relations with all its respective departments to the ideal client. Therefore ensures good coordination respectively and every department runs progressively.

Therefore, the goal objective is directed as follows:

The board of directors- they are accountable for reviewing and approving the farm’s objective and goals.

The strategy team: accountable for objectives and goals and then presenting them respectively to the board of directors. Increasing

The CEO of the company- is responsible for making sure that the company’s goals are appropriate and delivering necessary communication to the employee and even having to monitor the progress of the company.

Therefore the goal procedural activity will have to be incisive of the company background goals, setting the goals, goals reviewing and finalizations, communication, and motoring of the goals.

From then the farm’s CEO is supposed to communicate the strategic business goals and objectives after evaluating the goals.

Executive Summary

Stepney City Farm’s strategic goals are designed to improve the overall leadership management, income generation and funding, community engagement, and finance. Therefore the initiatives of the farm are to manage the team of workers and the dedicated volunteers to help deliver leisure and educational opportunities that are based on crafts, farming, food, and the environment. The farm has to maintain responsibility in projects and critical strands in work and make sure that the laid objectives in funding are met, and the respective reports are sighed off. The company strategy staff has to collaborate with respective stakeholders to help develop the links with the foremost audience targeted (Cityfarm, 2018). However, Stepney City Farm has to use the team to lead and develop the respective farm charitable activities, such as cooperative volunteering, workshops and courses, shop and café, and the rural crafts center. In short, establishing sufficient quality and mentoring assurance programs for the services delivered. In conclusion, the Stepney City Farm will ensure that the board of trustee perms its best to entire that the farm manager meets charity as a whole, relevant statutory, regulatory, and company obligations. Hence confirming the safety and health requirements and management policies


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