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State Of The Union Speeches Of Trump And Kennedy

The State of the Union is an influential feature of the country’s governmental setup. It is known as the annual speech or message presented by the President of the United States of America. It comprises the joint session of the country’s Congress. This particular speech comes up with the necessary considerations about the overall economic policies of the government. It can be classified as the opportunity for the president of the country to illustrate the information related to the record-setting achievements of the President and the overall paradigm of the government. Donald Trump and John F. Kennedy are two of the country’s most well-known presidents. Trump is the present-day President of the country, whereas Kennedy was an influential President of the United States of America from 1961 to 1963. Here, the focus is to compare the performance of both the Presidents, Donald Trump and John F. Kennedy, with consideration of the State of the Union address.

Undoubtedly, the feature of the State of the Union gives the opportunity to the President of the country to explain administrative performance to the members of the Congress and attain the necessary assistance about the future directions to deal with the crucial country’s issues such as the facets of terrorism and economic scenario of the country. Donald Trump delivers his State of the Union speech in January 2018. The duration of Trump’s address was 90 seconds, which makes it the second-largest speech in the 50 years of the country’s political history (The White House, 2018). The features of immigration, the economy of the country, and the prospect of North Korea are the three major points of discussion in the overall speech of the current President of the country.

On the other hand, Kennedy delivered his first State of the Union speech on Jan 30, 1961, to the joint sessions of the Congress. The significance of this particular speech is that it was the particular address presented by the newly elected president of the country. Kennedy successfully tried to build a consensus between Congress and the government’s approach to different matters of administration. He delivers his confidence in the House of Congress and formulates the necessary promise to work together with the crucial political institute of the country. He explicitly explained that he had never come up with the intention to shift the burden of the necessary administrative decisions to Congress, nor did I want to avoid my responsibility. His main focus is to formulate the necessary bridge between the administration and Congress.

The prospect of the State of the Union of Trump and Kennedy can be compared in the necessary form of the main centerpiece of the speech. The main focus of Trump was to create an effective approach of comprising related to the immigration policy and plans of the Trump government. It is notable to mention that the democratic members of Congress strongly hissed against some strategies presented by Trump. The particular scenario of the State of the Union speech was different from that of Kennedy. He focused on aligning all the members of Congress with his governmental approach, and he remained successful in achieving this particular concern. It is important to comprehend the feature of Trump’s State of the Union speech, which is that he completely ignored some issues during his address. He never talks about the different controversies related to his presidency, such as the Russian role in the presidential elections (The New York Times, 2018). The main difference between the State of the Union speeches of President Trump and President Kennedy is their different perspectives regarding the phenomenon of immigration. Trump has an entirely different approach to the features of immigrants in the country as he formulates different strict policies concerning the features of immigration. On the other hand, President Kennedy adopts an entirely different point of view about immigration.

Kennedy shows a flexible approach to the prospect of immigration in his speech on the State of the Union. He explained that the land of the United States of America is open to immigrants from all parts of the world. The infant comes up with the particular perspective that the country is the combination of people who originally belonged to different parts of the world. He called the American nation with the particular words: “We are a nation of immigrants” in his speech (Kennedy, 1961). These particular words explain his point of view related to the phenomenon of immigration, which is entirely different from Donald Trump’s specific approach. A similar feature in the State of the Union speech in the case of both the presidents, Kennedy and Trump, is that both conclude the overall form of speech optimistically. Both political leaders delivered a particular approach to the progress and development of the country, but they had different roadmaps to accomplish the objectives.

To conclude this particular analysis, it is crucial to mention that undoubtedly, the State of the Union speeches of Trump and Kennedy can be categorized as the influential approach to delivering their paradigm of the administration. The major difference that can be assessed in both features is their specific approach to the important features of immigration. Trump’s administration formulated different plans to strictly address the paradigm of immigration, while Kennedy showed more flexibility and openness in his speech on the State of the Union.


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