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Why Should You Join The Military? Research Paper


There are tens of thousands of people joining the army every year. The recruitment goals of militaries increase every year new soldiers are recruited. Every soldier who becomes a part of this profession has his or her reasons. These reasons may not always be about serving the country. This is because military experience always offers promising career growth. However, the reasons differ for everyone, depending on their personal circumstances. Therefore, it is good to have an internal discussion and then make a decision about why a person should join the military. If the goal is clear and the decision is made after considering all the possible consequences, it will turn out to be best for all. For that reason, all the details and benefits of joining military service are here to make the decision-making process easy.

Statement Of Purpose

Here are the reasons why anyone should join the military service. This is an important decision, so its impacts can be considered in the detailed arguments discussed below.

Projected Contributions

After proper research, the key benefits of joining the army will be identified. It will help to know how the military is an exceptional prospect for the future.

Literature Review

A military career is always in demand. This is not only respectable but also pays more than other professions. At the initial level, this may offer less money, but with time, as the person progresses and is promoted, his salary increases with authority. The main function of the army is to protect the nation, and for this purpose, there are many sub-categories of armed forces. There are options for joining the navy, air force, intelligence, army and many more. Now, this totally depends on the person that is what type of service he is interested. If a person like a sea, he can join the navy or if he is interested in the air force that can also be opted. The military is a profession that is filled with opportunities. A person just has to explore his talent and see which field best suits him. However, one thing is for sure: in order to be a member of the military, the person should be flexible. The primary requirement of military service is that the person has to stay away from home.

Some people join the army to pursue it as a stable career path, while some just join it to get a free education. This depends on the personal choice and circumstances. It is proven through research that people who do not intend to join the army have a short tenure of a career as compared to those who think this will have a positive impact on their personality and join the military with aspiration (Ford et al.). There can be different means of aspirations for a person. For example, a person may be influenced by an adult in the family who is in the military. It can also be true that the fascinating appearance and disciplined life of the military inspire someone. The intentions of career choice are also sometimes determined by parents. The attitude of parents has a normative effect on the beliefs of children, and this shapes the decision-making about career choice (Gibson, Griepentrog, and Marsh). Therefore, the attitude of parents plays a great role in the decision to pursue a military career.

Another important factor that should be considered here is the ethnic considerations during selection in the military. The military has a vast and open culture that welcomes everyone. A proportionate difference can be seen in the participation of ethnic groups. The ethnic groups show that there are three sets in the military: blacks, whites, and Latinos. This also depends on the social class a person is brought up in. There is a difference in the recruitment of immigrants, as well as socioeconomic groups and ethnic perspectives in the military (Lutz). There is no discrimination done in the military during recruitment, but people of different classes, races, and immigration standing have different perspectives on being enlisted in the military.

Some people may also join the military for educational benefits. The members of the military can benefit from education during and after their service. The service members can take advantage of college funds, financial aid, and training conversion into college credits. The cost of studying in college has increased, but the military provides its cadets with an opportunity to enrol in accredited universities and colleges for further education. The most comprehensive benefits of education are provided by the GI BILL that became operative on August 1, 2009. This bill includes tuition fees, a living stipend, and an allowance for books and supplies. The amount of this bill allotment varies according to the person’s service time. The benefits of this bill also depend on the location and state of the educational institute the student is applying to (Steele, Salcedo, and Coley).

Not only education, but there are multiple other benefits associated with military service that attract a person towards this profession. The house mortgages are offered at cheap rates. Healthcare facilities have become affordable for the person. The benefits are discussed in detail in the following section.


The first and foremost reason for joining the army is the defence of the nation. No matter what a person says, the primary reason for most of the soldiers to join the army is a sense of patriotism. This is considered an honourable profession for serving the homeland and others. Many people are motivated just because they have some big dreams in life and want to achieve something great. As Walter Reuther said, “There is no greater calling than to serve your fellow men. There is no greater contribution than to help the weak. There is no greater satisfaction than to have done it well.” (Walter Reuther Quotes). This shows the clear meaning of serving. Serving in the army means the person feels what it truly is to serve. Thre is no personal interest or gain, all the person does is the safety of others.

The pay scale of this sector is also attractive. Being in the military means that the pay will increase with each rank. As the person spends more time, his salary will increase. Not only the pay but also numerous benefits are attached to the people in military service. The allowances are provided for every need of a person. Whether it is about residence, education, routine allowance or health care, military service encounters all the issues, and there is no need for the person to worry. There is no need to take big loans to cover routine expenses. This profession covers all the costs of people working in it.

All the education and medical expenses are covered by the military. Health facilities are not only for the person in the military but also for his or her family. The health benefits are extended to the immediate family members, including children, spouses and, in some cases, parents. The health care benefits are available on a temporary basis, even when the person leaves the army.

Not only in terms of education, the personality of the person is also developed in terms of skills. The type of training given to a person in the military is technically advanced, and it helps in carrying forward the career in multiple fields. Even when the person is off duty, the opportunities to attend various training sessions are provided. The military also pays for any tuition assistance. This training can be helpful in getting certificates, advancing in a career, and preparing one’s personality in certain social manners.

The advantage of being in Amy is that this profession even works in a difficult economy. Even when the unemployment rate is high in the economy, jobs are being outsourced, or the costs are rising, this profession never falls. The military field always offers jobs for people who are qualified. They have jobs for people who have an academic or medical education. As long as the person does not have any criminal record, he can be part of the military. This is a fairly decent criterion and provides employment to a lot of people who are eligible.

Not only while remaining in the military, a person can have a lot of benefits even after retirement. This is the best way to get a leadership position in reputed organizations. This is the service that helps put the resume at the top. It gives the certificate of proven experience and skills that is not doubted by anyone.

Another great reason to join the military is that it provides an opportunity to travel worldwide. The vacation time is great, and even during the service, the person has to keep travelling. The installations of the military are present around the world, and they pay for the person and family to visit. A paid leave of 30 days is provided in the military, and the person is free to travel the world during those days. There are also various resorts and military hotels around the world.

The military provides consistency to the personality of a person. This is an amazing field in which to improve a person’s habits. Some of the great traditions of the military make a person punctual, consistent, and healthy. There are fitness tests to make the person physically fit. This keeps the person from getting various diseases in later life, and the person does not get fat.

Culture is another important reason for choosing the army as a career. It is believed that there is no black, white, or brown colour in the army. No discrimination is made, and everyone is believed to be green, like the colour of the uniform. This shows unity and strength because the culture, without any discrimination, provides equal prospects for growth. This is not just said but also done in the army because they have other important issues than skin colour. This increases acceptability in person because he is willing to accept everything.

The army plays a great role in building a person’s character. The sense of giving respect to people even if you do not agree with them is vital. Also, teamwork is a great lesson taught by the army. When they work together in a team, important lessons are given to them to encourage a sense of team building in them. For example, if a mistake is made by a single team member, the whole team is punished, and they will look out for everyone. The type of physical training provided to them raises a sense of integrity, discipline, and honour in the armed forces. They take pride in stepping up for the moral norms of society. This has a great part in character building, and they feel proud to have won the battlefield for their homeland.

Other than these social and moral benefits, an army career gives a sense of purpose to a person’s life. It identifies the right potential of a person, and then he can set goals according to the calibre. The opportunities for progress are enormous, and the person can take the future direction of his choice once he decides to enter into this career. The measures for progress are fair, bringing purpose to one’s life. This makes life much better.

After leaving the army service, the pension offered to the officers is of great worth. This is a good foundation for the late forties and helps you start a new career in any direction. The health care service is provided even after the retirement. Having an income from any other job based on a strong resume because of the army and a handsome pension can be the best surety for a carefree life till death. Being in the army is also helpful to buy a home without any money or down payment. There is a VA loan for Veterans Affairs officers that makes home purchases easy during and after service.

All these things should be considered in addition to negative consequences. It is not easy to change the career path once the person is enrolled in the military. Serious consequences should be faced because the individual in service and the military are bound by a contract to serve for a specified time. This is the binging of legal commitment that may have serious consequences if not fulfilled.

Research Methods

While having a meeting with a recruiter or doing independent research about a career path, a person should look for various options. The professions that interest him the most should be scrutinized. More descriptive research should then be carried out to learn about the details of the professions. Conducting additional research into the military sector involves looking out for requirements that are needed for the position. This is important because if the required skills were not present in a person, it would not be right to look for that particular career path. Once the person has the required skills, then he is ready for the job, and he can select it. However, more research should be carried out to determine whether this profession is beneficial or not. These requirements vary from person to person because one thing might attract one person but not others. Therefore, the priorities and expectations of the career should be set accordingly.

The person looking for a career in the military should not wait for the process to be all done before the searching job. It is good to search for vacancies before being selected. This will help in understanding and scrutinising the preferences of the job. The best way is to ask for advice from a service member. They are working in the system and know better what is good. For further research, one can look into internet channels, message boards, and other information channels. All the required information can be obtained from them, as it is the best way of knowing inside information, as these parties are well aware of the operations taking place in the military.


Military service is chosen by many people over normal life, and this is because of the countless benefits mentioned above. The army is a profession that not only pays in monetary terms but also in terms of respect and authority. This benefits for a lifetime, not only for the person in service but also for his or her family. A person can serve his nation in this noble profession and lead a respectful life. This provides an opportunity to visit places that an individual can never stay over while living a normal life. An internal sense of satisfaction is a great reward that comes from the profession of the military. The character and personality of a person are built during service in a way that helps him to live a comfortable life even after retirement. This is no doubt a promising career because of the endless benefits attached to it. Just with the right morale and aspiration, this can be the ultimate career for a promising life ahead.

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