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Star Wars Movie Review Essay


The trilogy of the Star Wars movies series, later renamed “Star Wars Episode 4- A New Hope”, is considered to be the trendsetter space-oriented movie. Written and Directed by George Lucas and produced by Gary Kurtz, it was first released in May 1977 in American cinemas. It was estimated that the movie made around 475 million dollars in business only in the United States, and the other 314 million dollars from around the world, which together turned out to be 789 million U.S dollars, which had broken almost all the highest records of the contemporary and previous eras.


The movie was highly admired in the later years by colleagues and by the following viewers at large of the brilliant choice by the director of the movie of a young and upstart protagonist for a highly sophisticated script of that time. Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher, Harrison Ford, and other supporting actors played fabulous roles and gave real meaning to a story all the way.

The sequence continued rapidly, and the second, third, fourth, and fifth of its parts were released theatrically in 1978, 1979, 1981, and 1982. All the movies were considered blockbusters at the time of their release; even more advance and eye-catching visionary technologies were used in these versions. Since they were the first of their kind, as far as space, special effects, and graphics were concerned, they surpassed all other standards of production and clarity in effects, and all of them kept the record of being the highest business making a movie of Hollywood.

After its successful release in the United States of America in English language, it was released in the Spanish language with dubbing and in several other counties like Germany, France, Italy, and Japan in footnotes of the respective country`s language. It’s demand viewership and demand became so high internationally that it was released in eight mega tapes, which consisted of the entire of its episodes.

The director of the movie, George Lucas, announced in 2010 that all of the earlier releases of Star Wars would be scanned, transferred, and re-released on a 3D version. The first of them to release was “The Phantom Menace” in 2012, though it was received with applause and sound business. However, for some certain reason, the director, George Lucas, postponed its release until 2013, when two of its sagas, “Revenge of the Sith” and “Attack of the Clones,” were released in 3D versions. The original and first of the release of trilogy sagas were never transferred into 3D for some unknown reason, though their demand remained high (Lyden, 2016).

There was some critique, in their comprehension, pointed out few areas of the script, which according to them, were suitable and out of order, but in totality. Star Wars remained one of the most successful movies of all time, which exceeded all the records of revenue making right from the time of its release. The movie, its director, and its cast won a number of awards in the preceding years of its release. Six Academy Awards were granted to the movie, and one of its actors, Alec Guinness, who performed as Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi, received an Academy Award for best performance.

 “Han Solo “character and the issues it’s facing.

The character of Han Solo, played for a very long time by one of the most acclaimed action heroes of Hollywood, “Harrison Ford,” was supposed to be replaced by some newcomer. The decision to create a separate movie with named “Han Solo,” which would be centered around the character of “Han ” and their adventures and would be set in between the first and third trilogy. But for some unknown reasons behind the scenes, it turned out to be quite a disturbing and unsettling task for the rest of the team. Firstly choosing the replacement became a matter of lengthy selection. Rounds of prolonged and intense auditions were conducted, and there were three major contenders for the replacement of the role; one of them was Alden Ehrenreich, who, after a final interview, became the choice of all three directors (Toutanova et al., 2016).

Once this enigma was solved, two out of three directors fell out among themselves, and the disagreements were so severe that all of them left the responsibility of continuing the direction of the movie, and a new director, Ron Howard, had to be hired to resume the task. Furthermore, it’s said that Alden Ehrenreich, the lead, does not fit into the role of Han, and an acting coach is engaged by the director to train him.

Earlier, it was announced that the movie “Han Solo” would be released at any time in late 2017, but in the latest press briefing, the representative of “Lucafilms” announced that Han Solo is due in May 2018 in theaters around the United States, and later internationally.


Since Lucasfilm is one of the oldest filmmaking houses in Hollywood, so they have preferred prior marketing for their upcoming project of “Han Solo.” A 15-second YouTube Super Bowl trailer was posted online with the promotional intention (Billinghurst, Clark & Lee, 2015). It was estimated that this trailer was viewed by eight million people on YouTube and another 5.9 million views on social media like Facebook, etc.

Beyond Han Solo

On Jan 11th, 2018, Mike Zerosh, the Star Wars YouTube official, revealed information about the make-up of Star wars episode 9. During his brief statement, he gave a rough timeline of mid-2019 as the release time of a space and action-oriented movie.


Talking about a movie like Star Wars is quite an easy topic since it has been continuously reigning over the national and international film industry for the last forty years now, but what would be of great concern would be its final release. Its final episode, which according to some sources, is about to be released shortly, should be the best of all, or at least be equally right, to make it an evergreen name in the world of the movie industry.


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