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In the workplace environment, there are different cultures and behaviors. The workforce that serves under the particular cultural atmosphere represents its characteristics and norms. Employees from different backgrounds are attracted by the presentation of specific workers after knowing the pros and cons of their services in the respective organization. Moreover, the interaction and meeting with the workers of one culture and another also enhance the diversity of the workforce. The diverse class of labor provides learning to their fellows along with the increased number of clients for the owner of the business industry. Behaviors of different workplaces compel individuals to provide regular and group services to the business, which encourages diversity in the industrial environment. However, comparison and distinctions between the patterns of different cultures and behaviors in the workplace reveal the attraction to the difference based on the thoughts and reactions of the workforce.


The workforce is the human resources that drive the business, industry, and corporation. The public or private sector organizations are mostly required to distinguish outstanding labor. The corporation’s department, especially the human resources department, is of high concern for the diverse and attractive workforce. However, despite the prerequisites of the companies and the corporations, the workers or the laborers of any organization have their preferences and particular behaviors regarding the nature of the job and workplace. After comparing and contrasting the workers belonging to different corporations, we have the idea that perils and privileges for any individual are the most critical factors that design individual behaviors. For example, a boy who has started his job in the restaurant industry wants to have all the money that his friends have to fulfill his needs. His behavior would be the earnings for his expenses.

The learning experience of the individual in places like Townhall is also the demand of workers. The boy has to manage his school timing and earn experiences for a bright future. His needs compel him to move into the restaurant job with reference to his friend. Similarly, individuals working in Walmart reveal that they wanted to serve the company to become independent from the dependency of their parents. He further explains that his parents were preventing him from doing the job and taking care of himself, but he likes to live with money and enjoy life. Individuals, while serving in the organization, wanted to help at the front level. His behavior shows that he requires a privileged position along with an increasing amount of income. He also wanted to improve his experiences for a bright future.

The boy questions the role of merit in the recruitment process as he gets the job through his friend. He revealed that his previous attempts were not given due attention because he had no references. It was nepotism that helped him in getting off the respective job. For work, everything counts, especially the future, and money is the most critical consideration. The young workforce is mostly concerned with their education as the boy, although the evolving atmosphere of Walmart wanted to quit their job after getting their degree. The boy was also happy with his coworkers and those individuals who came from different cities and cultures. A diverse culture is there in the company where individuals from Hispanic, Caucasian, and national from the African American are serving in various departments and units.

The most influential aspect for every job seeker or individual working in any organization is to make the best possible living. Income and money have value for every person living in the modern world. There are certain individuals who want to serve in their respective fields, which must align with their educational subject. One of the boys in this regard is serving at the Samsung Company because he loves technology and advancements in the technological world. The behavior of the person shows that interest is also the primary factor that compels the individual towards their respective jobs. The Samsung Corporation provides its employees with various skills along with interpersonal and technical skills. Those people who wanted to learn in the world of technology joined the companies and organizations that gave them an attractive place to earn and learn.

The behaviors of the employee are mostly linked to their job descriptions. Some have smooth jobs, while others move for challenging and competitive positions. The cultures and the behaviors of the workers are interrelated and attract people from diverse backgrounds. For example, Samsung is one of the leading technology corporations and recruits people from different parts of the world. The challenge and competition provide the nationals of different states to work and lead with heavy perils and privileges. The boy was working with Samsung for the best future as he will pursue his career after the completion of his education and have the chance of a higher position.

Comparing the cultural and behavioral systems of the corporation and organizations, we see that Walmart, Samsung, and Townhall have a diverse workforce. The presence of employees from different states and different languages reveals that organizations are flexible and competitive and pay attractive salaries to their employees. They also reward those who accomplish the highest and most difficult tasks. In contrast to these private sector organizations, certain companies are not flexible and do not give due respect to their workforce. The individual has left the job at Bob Evans because of the act that did not provide flexibility in adjusting the college schedule of the teenage employee. The behavior and the culture of Bob Evans will affect its reputation and diversity.

Certain business sectors provide seasonal jobs, and still, workers are satisfied with the culture of the organization. Such kind of learning of the corporation provides individuals with the opportunity to look for employment with its diverse experience. Some individuals are concerned with the knowledge that might help them in fulfilling their dream of an attractive and best job. For that matter, they try to accommodate even those companies that have hard and fast rules. For any corporation, it is necessary to provide a diverse and progressive culture to its employees. The reputation and the value of the organization are mostly reflected in the behavior and the workplace atmosphere. The teenage boy serving in the stadiums of Cleveland has a plan for a permanent job because he is not getting a regular job in the present corporation. He is working for income and living a happy life.

The worker at the Cleveland stadium found his job quite easier than in other restaurants and food chains. That is why he stays there as a concession and stand attendant. Similarly, he also knows that the job is temporary and will not be permanent. However, the most crucial aspect for the teenager is to survive through the income he is getting from the organization. He is contacting other restaurants and companies to get a better and permanent job. The needs and the financial problems of the workforce compel them to do any services. These workers mostly adjust themselves to the strict and fast culture of the corporations. They don’t take care of the worst and most negative behaviors of the higher management. For them, the critical aspect is the income and the money which help them to survive.

There are different types of people working in the inner city stadium. The culture provides the workforce between the ages of 15 and 70. There was a lot of diversity, and people from different backgrounds were serving in the stadium. They are whites, blacks, and Latinos, and the interaction of these workers with each other provides an exciting chat among the employees. In the same way, each employee has little groups and friends through which they work, serve, and contribute to the progress of the company. The behavior of the employees is satisfied with the interaction of supervisors and the professional staff. Comparing the culture and the ethics of this corporation, we have the idea that the reactions and services of the employees are mostly reflecting the specific culture of the organization.

Different corporations and private sector organizations have parallel and equal cultures for the workforce. Mostly, the workplace culture is devised not by the managing authority but by the employees working there. For example, a college student has started a job at Cumberland Farms through the reference of his friend. He revealed the story about the culture and the behavior at the workplace through a short experience of his life. Along with him, there were three other people, and most were from college. They share their ideas and chat as if they are in college. The sociological and behavioral pattern of college life influences their working style and the services in the workplace. There is one other person who is also part of their group but does not want to have any contact with the teenagers.

He looks at them as if they are kids and know nothing. There is no dispute among the employees in their work, which shows that they have built positive and cooperative cultural patterns in their workplace. The boy in this workplace also has the fundamental purpose of gaining experience and earnings for his expenses. He was convinced that besides the scholarship, he needed the extra income for his costs. Most teenagers and college students have the same concept of income in their minds when moving for jobs in different companies. The idea of extra cash leads them to work and enhance the revenue along with the experience for a bright future. There are a number of similarities among employees in the workplace. However, contractions are also present among the cultures of the organizations. Similarly, working at a coffee shop is a pleasant experience. It has a different craft of work, which makes it culturally distinct from other companies and restaurants.

The student at the university started working at a coffee job on the offer made to him by the owner of the shop. He was known to the owner because he used to visit for one year. Other than farming, stadium attendant jobs, and technological services at Samsung, the coffee shop provides different kinds of cultural patterns for the workers. Serving with the Barista is a different experience for the young individual. It has provided both extra income and background for students in the university. It also enhances learning through interaction with other people who visit the bar. The making of perfect shots of espresso is a challenging task for the individual with no experience. Making coffee is a craft and became an art for the workers. However, keeping the workplace of a coffee shop for fun, happiness, and a healthy environment is a big challenge. It is very much necessary to maintain a supportive atmosphere in the workplace.

As the worker has to move hand in hand with the customer in the coffee shop, it must be the top priority to keep the customers happy and healthy. It will provide a favorable view of the workplace. The young man working in the coffee shop reveals that he is also getting his schooling by interacting with patrons and intellectual people who came here to converse rational thoughts. Similarly, the boy has good relationships with his coworkers, which shows that the low-skill coffee industry provides ways for the individual to boost his learning and experiences. Other sectors enhance the individual’s life motives and encourage people to work for the benefit of others. A young university guy got a job at a production company as a technician photographer.

The individual was not happy and satisfied with his job because he was a dancer before this job. However, the culture and the behavior of the industry allowed him to continue his work. He was promoted after a year as a manager, which he accepted hesitantly. After experiencing the job and interacting with different people from diverse backgrounds, he was convinced that the work was quite good. Hours in the event industry are most challenging, and the worker has to manage accordingly. After becoming the manager, the individual learns those things that were not known to him before. Cultural patterns and workplace ethics provide him with efficient learning.


In conclusion, different cultures, behaviors, and patterns of the workplace attract a diverse workforce. The contrast and the comparison among different workplaces unfolded that priorities and the cultural habits of the respective industry influence the behavior and thoughts of workers from different backgrounds. The sociology of work explains the needs and the living of the people. For that purpose, individuals at a young age are prone to work. The atmosphere of the companies or industries profoundly influences the minds of workers that are working to enhance the productivity of their life.



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