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“Singapore” by Oliver Analysis

When analyzing Oliver’s “Singapore,” I ascertained a gritty tone due to the poem’s setting in a Singapore airport. The author says,” darkness was ripped from my eyes,” to mean that she realized or learned something and saw the light. Also, she could have seen things or actions to which she had not been exposed before.

The entire poem is given meaning at the end when the author laments that the woman she saw can be as happy and beautiful as the birds and trees described earlier in the poem. The author intends to establish the concept of the relationship between nature and a life-learned lesson. The writer uses imagery in comparison to how she and the world perceive the woman before her. This poem intends to convey how the author expects life to be this is as beautiful as birds are.


In the poem” Limboed between worlds,” line 18 describes a boy standing beside a city limits road. This phrase insets the use of a symbolic line between the country and the city in which the boy is selling berries. Also, the symbol describes the line between the boy’s simple natural world and a world of privileges and wealth. The author intends to deal with essential aspects of social issues and life experiences. The authors portray the different experiences faced by people in different social classes.

The Mill

This poetic literary is enriched by the usage of literary devices to portray the author’s message. Symbolism, irony, and allusion are used to outline the themes of destruction and death further. The blackwater phrase in the poem uses a symbol to represent death at the beginning of the poem. The poem’s speaker is an omniscient narrator who uses a rhyme scheme to display the adversity of Miller and his wife. The author’s intended purpose was to portray the misery undergone by the people and the experience when death strikes their livelihood.



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