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Should the Flu shot be Mandatory?


The paper outlines the facts and figures behind the argument that flu shots must be mandatory for all, with special modifications in the vaccine, and maintain the concentration of the chemicals being used. Rejecting the idea of vaccination because of some technique mistakes is unfair. Despite rejecting it, we must make some alterations to the vaccines with some updated and secured methods. This paper will also discuss the importance of flu shots, and explain the degree of its choice amongst the population. The hesitations and misconceptions regarding flu shots are highlighted throughout the paper. The counterarguments to the idea that people died after taking flu shots will be precisely discussed and elaborated.

Should the flu shot be mandatory?

The flu shot is the most appropriate method to control infectious diseases regardless of age and gender. This is method is use to trigger the immune system of the human body and prepare the human body to counter any attack from outside of the body.  But some myth has been developed against flu shots, for what, the reason is unknown. Parents create fears in the hearts of children that the shot causes a shivering fever and sometimes causes death. With this fear and double mind when children bring to vaccinated they develop psychological pressure on their minds and this pressure automatically stimulates the body to suffer from a fever. Thus people make a connection with the vaccination due to the vaccination fever attack. We know that our minds are key to every reason and situation. When we make our mind toward something then it must happen. Because our mind triggers our body to adopt the same consequences we thought of. No doubt that vaccination can cause fever since every treatment has its own side effects but the problem is that our mind multiplies that fever multiple times. That is the game of mind not the consequences of the flu shot.  A story regarding the dilemma is famous, once a man was brought into a dark room and make his eyes closed, by making the man sure that in latter few minutes he goanna bite by a poisoned snake. After taking the person in confidence that the snake is going to attack him than he was punched with a needle consequently the person died. The reason is that the person was mentally prepared that he is going to be attacked by a snack then his mind trigger his body to receive the same consequences the mind has been told. Thus in the real world, the imaginary world also matters. Hence, that is not the issue with vaccine shots but rather with people’s mindsets. The stories have been fabricated, and fear has developed in people’s hearts regarding flu shots. As we know that vaccination is a chemical injection into the human body, we must take the consequences into account. Know a day billion of people are getting benefits from flu vaccination all over the world. However, hesitation among people still prevails; they are indifferent about whether to take the flu shot. The same discussion has been the central idea of the discussions among experts and health institutions. The idea of voluntarism in the selection of flu shots is somehow prevailing amongst the communities. They claim to self-assessment of their body and health and then they will come to make a decision whether to take a flu shot or not. This method cannot bring up positive results, because every person does not have enough knowledge about his/her life. Hence the responsibility of decision-making must go to the experts and health institutions. An individual cannot make an accurate decision on an issue that is unknown to him.  To some extent, the idea of voluntary selection can be reshaped through public awareness and education.

Flu commonly known as influenza is an infectious disease caused by virus attacks from outside of the body. In normal cases, our body automatically responds to the viral infection by activating its immune system. But when our immune system is weak, outer stimulation is required to act against the viruses. This retaliation is required to stop further infection. If our body’s immune system gets weaker than viral infection can be more fatal. The flu shot consists of similar kinds of death viruses that have no such effects on the body but they trigger our immune system to develop a high defense system. Once our immune system gets triggered, it settles itself for further such attacks. We take flu shots only to settle the defense system of our body. Flu is the spreading infectious disease that can be transferred from one body to another through infected objects. Its symptoms are coughing, sneezing, cold fever, shivering, and respiratory system infection. Winter is the right time for flu to attack because viruses can find suitable environments to divide and incubate. Flu has many complications, from treatment to attack it is very diverse. Most people get cured in 7 to 8 days, while others take more time to cure. Influenza attacked the respiratory tract and causes coughing and chest infection, lungs and upper respiratory tract are the main targets of the flu. Young people and 65-year-olds both can suffer from this infectious disease. The initial cause of this infectious disease is mostly unprotected water. An initial symptom is coughing and sneezing.

Since the symptoms and causes of flu have been discussed, the treatment and cure for them are now crystal clear. When an infectious disease attacks our body, our body has an automatic response to retaliate against the foreign attack. If, in any case, the body response doesn’t escalate, then the method of vaccination becomes necessary.  Substance use in vaccination is believed to cause autism. To some extent it is right but the type of chemical used in vaccines are protected and secured, otherwise thermisol and formaldehyde affect the intestine lining in kids which causes autism. The substances used in vaccines are carefully chosen and properly monitored before injection (Clinical Infectious Diseases, Volume 48, issue 48).   Saying no to or going against the flu shots means we are letting our body be at the mercy of foreign intruders, mainly viruses. People fear taking flu shots due to some initial consequences they face. The serum used in the vaccine is not a fatal chemical as it consists of various types of death. These various are initially made dead before injecting into the human body. As they enter the body of mankind, they stimulate our immune system, which in response makes antibodies. These antibodies are the key to combatting any outer retaliation. The serum injected into the human body is specially formed and properly monitored but we cannot deny the side effect of any treatment. As this serum is poured into our body it generates artificial fever. This fever is actually to build our defense system. That is actually the cost we have to pay in the form of a fever.

The increasing trend toward vaccination is crystal clear evidence of vaccination’s importance. People trust vaccination for their treatment as it has shown positive results. Because the old methods of vaccination have now been replaced with modern, hygienic, and secure treatments.  A study shows that vaccination coverage amongst health personnel was 64% in 2014-2015, before 2013-14 (62). And during previous two season vaccination coverage increased by 9-12%.  Even in professionals like doctors and nurses vaccination trend increase by 72% (NCIRD).  The increasing trend in vaccination shows its effectiveness in curing infectious diseases like flu. People believe that vaccination causes death; it’s true to some extent, but any technical fault and any miscalculation cannot adhere to the vaccination. That can be personal fault or miscalculation of chemicals while dosing. Apart from the treatment, skills and accuracy of measurement should be taken into account. It is a true fact that every person got its setup of immune systems, thus injection must be prepare accordingly to their body demand and immune system. Arrest. It is important to note that this all started when Elias started to get seizures after his shot.  The Food and Drug Administration keeps checks and balances on vaccines,  after making sure, by testing it on several subjects vaccines are than declared to be prefect use, if any minor issue were noticed than the vaccine were banned to use in practical life. Several chemicals are used in vaccine apart from the death viruses, these are, formaldehyde, and thimerosal, they have little or no effect on body they just stimulate immune system to form antigens, these substances are used as stimulators in the injections. But the key is to use the substances accurately and precisely. The level of substance should be maintained properly. Vaccines include ingredients to help our immune system respond and build immunity. Antigens and adjuvants are death viruses that create artificial fever to strengthen our immune system (U.S Department of HHS). Vaccination shots must be mandatory because they cure infectious diseases like the flu. But the thing is to update the method of vaccination through new scientific innovations, despite of rejecting shot of flu we must trust on science and its innovation. Every medicine and injunction is efficiently and safely formed in the laboratories.



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