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Sexuality and Counselling Essay

Sexuality is known as the one mandatory feature in humans’ life. It comes with many considerations. It is evident that there is the existence of many dimensions of sexuality which can be explored the different forms of discipline. The proper understanding of the feature of the sexuality ultimately helps to make inferences about the human sexuality and the particular form of the ability of individuals related to the paradigm of sexuality. Sexual intelligence is the one crucial aspect related to the broader concept of sexuality. It provides necessary assistance to the individuals about different sexual skills which helps them to adopt effective sexual behaviors and practices. It also provides necessary indications about the attainment of the necessary sexual knowledge which helps to address different sexual issues or concerns which are faced by humans in their daily lives. The paradigm of sexual research or knowledge helps to critically understand different forms of sexual behaviors, biological aspect of sexual orientation. It also provides the necessary insights about the psychological developments related to the paradigm of sexuality. Here the focus is to discuss the feature of human sexuality in the particular form of sexual behaviors in case of an adolescent.

It is crucial to understand that the facet of sexuality come up with many concerns. Statistics indicate that the adolescent immensely facing the issue of sexual behaviors which leads to the adverse psychological implications in case of adults. The feature of risk in case of adults can also be identified as the major humans’ health concerns. It is notable to mention that the form of high-risk sexual behavior among adolescents can be the reason for many severe and long-lasting health concerns. Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), HIV/AIDS and unplanned pregnancy are the major health risk which can be observed in case of the inappropriate sexual phenomenon.

Different psychologist proposes the idea that there is the necessary need for effective interventions which helps to reduce the risk of sexual behaviors which can be evaluated in the particular case of an adolescent. If there is the proper adaptability of the sex education and the implementation of different HIV prevention programs than it can be an effective feature to decrease the risk in case of sexual behavior observes in an adolescent. There is the existence of the different behavioral intervention programs which provides the necessary knowledge to the individuals about the prospect of sexuality and sex practices. These particular programs help to encourage people to use the appropriate form of the condom and adopt effective sexual communication skills which ultimately helps to reduce the health risk involved in case of sexual behaviors. It is essential to provide the better approach of understanding of sexual facets to adopt better approach regarding the natural phenomenon of sexuality.

Different psychologists believe it I crucial time for the society to consider the problems and concerns which are associated with the prospect of sexual behaviors of the individuals. There are the statistics which shows that every year, a society of America observe the feature of pregnancies in case of 870,000 which is something immensely alarming. There is the need for the immediate form of medical and psychological interference to avoid the negative implications of sexual behaviors which can be a witness in different sexual settings. Another influential feature which can observe in case of inappropriate adoptability of sexual behavior leads to the chronic implication in the form of HIV infection. It is notable to mention that the existence of the HIV infection in case of young people is the one major reason for high death rate in case young people of the society. Increasing form of risk of HIV infection demands to focus on the issue and adopt necessary measures or interventions to deal with the problem.

Undoubtedly, health issues are the one major concern which exists in case of human sexuality. There is a number of research studies reveals that inappropriate form of sexual behaviors in individuals can be the reason for different chronic health issues. It can be the source of many chronic diseases which leads to the death. Sexual connection between individuals can cause different forms of infections which can be identified as sexually transmitted infections (STIs). These are the particular infections which occur in case of sexual interaction. These infections ultimately the reason for the pain, discomfort, infertility, or it can also be the reason of death due to the severity of the infection (Crooks & Baur, 2016). It is notable to consider that different forms of infections prevail in case of unsuitable approach of sexual behaviors.

The issue of different health concern related to the human sexuality can be the major concern for people as it immensely damages the quality of life. It is necessary for the adolescents to take intelligent sexual decisions to avoid different health issues. These particular issues can be observed in the different forms of infections and the most chronic feature of HIV which can be even the reason of death. The adaptability of the necessary and realistic sexual approach is crucial to ensure the better health positioning concerning the prospect of sexual behaviors. Proper and timely recognition of different health issues related to sexual practices can be helpful to address this particular issue effectively. Effective knowledge of health concerns related to sexual behaviors helps to identify the possible solutions to the problem. A proper understanding of different health issues in case of sexual behavior also ensure to eliminate the prospect of transmitting the problem from one individual to another.

It is crucial to consider the aspect of sexual behavior with the consideration of both the genders. There is the observation of the difference in case of adaptability of different sexual behaviors which can observe in case of both males and females. Different gender norms and roles established by any society play crucial role to determine and adopt the different facets of sexual behavior. Differentiation of gender roles also determines the feature of socialization in case of both the genders (Killermann, 2017). The feature of gender orientation also related to the identification of different health concerns on the basis of the sexual behavior of an adolescent. It helps the societies to adopt the better approach to sexual attitude towards different individuals.

The particular perspective of a counseling play crucial role in case of sexual behavior of an adolescent. It is important because it provides necessary and effective direction to deal with the health concerns in case of sexual behavior. There is the need for the proper intervention and counseling program which guide people about their decisions of sexual behavior. The prospect of the sexual intelligence is the key to effectively deal with the problems related to the risks in case of sexual behavior. The effective paradigm of counseling ultimately helps to identify problems and area of change which are necessary to provide assistance to the youth of the society. It is evident to consider the proper approach of the scientific method to effectively utilize the facet of counseling in case of inappropriate sexual behaviors. Innovative behavioral intervention can be the one feasible solution to address the issues related to the concept of human sexuality. It considers all the stakeholders to effectively approach the different concerns which might appear in case of sexual behaviors.


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