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Variance of Sexual Behavior among Americans

Developmental scientists are interested in understanding what motivates individuals to engage in new behaviors, which includes sexual behavior. Several studies have indicated that the number of Americans engage in sexual behavior is high and it increases every day. The college students’ perception regarding issues changes over time, and also informed by model which relates to sexual behavior. The sexual behavior starts immediately individuals get to adolescence stage and increases as an individual proceeds to college. It is therefore, evident that the number of American college students involve in sexual behavior is higher. Research has shown that most Americans become much involved in sexual behavior from seventeen and it gets much active and involving until individuals’ complete college (Harden, 2014). According to Haden (2014), most Americans have had sexual intercourse with different partners and these expose individuals to various risk. A study by Youth American established that early sexual intercourse result to pregnancy, Sexual Transmitted Diseases (STD) and HIV as well. Therefore, the variance of sexual behavior of American result to several risks such as early pregnancy, increases the rate of abortion, spreads STD and HIV in the society. The research intends to investigate five key issues which are risks which are caused by sexual behavior of Americans.


A study by public health has shown that sexual behavior prevalence among the adolescent is various across demographic groups (Patrick, Jennifer, Lynne, & Christine, 2013). For instance, it is more likely for African American to involve into sexual behavior compared to Asians and other community living in the United States. The sexual behavior is motivated by different issues and according to Patrick, Jennifer and Christine (2013), most adolescence and teenagers are persuaded by desire to explore and also by peer influence. Research has also indicated majority of teenagers and young adults start to engage in sexual behavior because of motivation by changes resulted from new environment and also by new friends.

Research has established that some of the issues which motivate sexual behavior of individuals are the current lifestyle (Kerpelman, Alyssa, Pittman, & Francesca, 2014). It is noted that individual who are involve in a lot of parties, alcoholic and other drug abuses are more likely to be involved in a risky sexual behavior. According to Bachanas, Eileen and Mary (2012), motivational influences on the behavior has been one of the crucial components of a number of behavior theories. For instance, affective, social, conformity and coping have been closely linked to high alcohol abuse among college students. As a result it influences college students to be more involved in sexual behavior which can put their lives at risk. Therefore, it is evident that sexual behavior of Americans is motivated by social life and other current lifestyle which make individuals more arouse for sexual intercourse.

Several studies have also shown that sexual behavior is also influenced by peer influence which leads to risky sexual behavior. As stated by Bachanas, Eileen and Mary (2012) teenagers start to involve in sexual activities at tender age when in high school and it continues to college and until they become adults. It is established most teenagers motivated to sexual behavior due to stories and attempt to feel that an individual is a grown up and all are influenced b y peer pressure. According to a research by public health almost 40% of teenagers aged between 17 years to 21 years have had sexual behavior with 50% had sexual intercourse without protection (Bachanas, Eileen, & Mary, 2012). The motivation of sexual behavior among the adolescents have been examined and it is evident that the stage influence several teenagers to get involve in risk sexual behavior because of the feeling that individuals are grown up and make sexual decisions. A study has shown that this has increased chances of pregnancy and other sexual issues among the adolescents in the society (Bachanas, Eileen, & Mary, 2012).

However, this put the life of teenagers and young adults at risk since these groups are more affected compared to others. A study by conducted by public health shows that the sexual behaviors among Americans result to risky behavior which can result to the widespread of STD and other HIV (Kerpelman, Alyssa, Pittman, & Francesca, 2014). According to Kerpelman, Alyssa, Pittman and Francesca (2014), sexual behavior increases changes of getting STD since the majority of teenagers and young adults do not use any kind of protection and most of them end of getting infected. Study has also shown that


Motivation for sexual behavior is what drives the whole idea of sexual intercourse among Americans. It is therefore, essential to understand what motivate individual to involve in sexual affair so that variance of sexual behavior of Americans could be understood. Sexual behavior is based on two main things what motivate individuals, influence factor which is peer pressure which contributes highly. Research has shown that causes a lot of diseases and increase early pregnancy in the society. As sexual behaviors increases in the society, the risky factor increases as well. Research has established that the number of alcohol abuse, drugs and other related contents result into unhealthy sexual behavior which can lead to other risk factors in life (Patrick & Christine, 2015).

The sexual activities among the teenagers are common because of influence and the need for young people to explore life. Many young people takes sexual behavior as a way of self expression of love and relationship which affects individuals emotions and self esteem as well and therefore, individuals becomes very reckless. According to Patrick and Christine (2015), there are several teenagers and young adults involved in multiple sexual intercourses without planning yearly. As result individual end of losing their lives through HIV and become unhealthy due to other health risk such as STD and pregnancy. It is therefore, important to make sure that sexual behavior is put under control through various mechanisms to make sure that nobody is taking advantage which can risk an individual life. The sexual behavior of Americans depends on the change of lifestyle, peer pressure, and changing trends which can motivate individuals to involve in sexual behavior which sometimes can be risky.

Self-reflection of the issue

The common sexual behavior among the adolescents and young teenagers of American can be a result of changing trends in the society. The cultures which used to make teenagers to be afraid of pregnancy have disappeared and people see nothing wrong with involving in multiple sexual intercourse. It increases sexual practices across the board. I believe sexual behavior of Americans is motivated by changing life style and it can be controlled as well.


It is appropriate to take various measures which are vital to design and conduct various developments and prevention research which can help in addressing sexual behavior in the society. It is therefore, recommended to develop measures which can address issues related to enhancement of intimacy, values and coping motivation for sex and health to solve problems related to sexual behavior. It is important to be inclusive and therefore, the issue of sexual behavior should be addressed inclusively as a society. And therefore, parents, guidance and even counselors should be open enough to discuss sexual behavior and affairs surrounding with teenagers and young adults. It shall provide more information or education regarding sexual behavior. This will help teenagers to protect themselves through the use of protection to avoid risk related to unhealthy sexual activities.

It is also important to conduct further studies on how on alcohol and drug abuse increases sexual behavior and how it can be addressed. It is necessary to study the relationship between alcohol abuse and sexual behavior. It is because in most cases individual change their character and demand sexual intercourse. It is also because several college students especially ladies usually get weaker and likely to involve in sexual intercourse when drunk. The relationship between sexual behaviors among ladies would unlock the underneath in sexual behavior and alcohol which might provide an opportunity to address sexual behavior in the society. The investigation of motivation of change among the adolescent and young adults and involvement in more serious romantic relationship is an interesting issues which be researched further to discover the relationship and therefore, can be implemented if possible.


The sexual behavior of American is motivated by lifestyles which are based on changing trends in the society. The peer pressure also play a vital role in changing the sexual behavior of many Americans and therefore, it is important to take certain actions to address the problem. The research established that sexual behavior can result to health risk such as the spread of STD and HIV among the teenagers and young adult which according to study are more involved in sexual behavior. AS result of sexual behavior of Americans the prevalence of early pregnancy is high and this put the life of young people at risk especially ladies. It is because pregnancy leads to school dropouts and based on research high school dropout is high among Latino and African American due to early pregnancy. Therefore, addressing sexual behavior issues would address sexual related sexual problems in the society.


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