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After taking a class of the first week, I learned that everyone has some fun facts that he needs to tell others. This is necessary to introduce yourself to others. Here are some interesting facts about myself. I rely on my intuitions rather than observing things. This helps a lot in many areas to take the right decision. Secondly, I have a strong sense of feelings. Third, I like utilizing my time in sports. Fourth, I do not judge others rather I like to see their personality from a different perspective. Fifth, though I am introvert I like doing adventurous things.


In any type of relationship, I think that the nature and level of disclosure about one’s self-varies. For me, it seems dangerous to let anyone else know keen details about myself. This also seems inappropriate to share feelings soon. A perfect balance should be maintained between the amount of information shared and this is highly dependent on the trust level a person has developed. Especially for people like me who are introvert, it is not right to let the guard down too soon. Of course, many psychological determinants of self-disclosure regulate this trait.


The fact that I like the most about myself is that I focus more on feelings. While making any decision, I consider the soft aspect more. I am emotionally strong and do not consider everything from the hard rules of mind. This may seem inappropriate to some people but this helps me feel more connected to others on an emotional level.

The thing I dislike about myself is that I am an introvert. This trait of mine makes me distant from the society. Yes, I would like to change this trait in me. I am already doing efforts to involve in public speaking activities.

Mini essay on self-awareness


Personality is a complex character and varies from person to person. However, there are some generic qualities on which the person can be judged. Personality is formed when the characteristics of a person interact with one another. It is one of those tools can be used to access the personality of a person based on how he behaves.


One of the most common personality indicators is known as the Myers Briggs theory of personality types. In this theory, there are 16 personality types used that can be helpful in knowing how a person behaves. Four basic parameters are used to refer general human traits.

The four preferences are then intersected with one another to make 16 personality types. The comparison about how the person interacts with his environment is based on the parameters of introvert and extrovert. Then, the mental energy is judged based on the observant and intuitive behavior of the individual. Nature is analyzed by seeing the decision-making process on the spectrum of thinking and feeling. However, the planning and working practices are seen based on prospecting or judging behavior of the individual. This help in making a self-report about parameters that are dependent on one another (Carlyn, 2010).

I tested my personality from this MBIT indicator and here are the interesting results I got about myself. My personality is 58% introvert and 42% on the extrovert side. I direct less energy on the observant side (47%) rather spend more on being intuitive (53%). I am stronger on the feelings side as I have a score of feelings 51% opposed by thinking 49%. While planning and making a decision, is focus more on prospects (51%) and less on the judging side (49%).

This is the description of how this questionnaire depicts my personality, which is somewhat similar to me. This may vary on minor aspects because there are random variations observed in the behavior based on the judgment and perception (Myers, 1962).

This popular tool is used frequently in the business sector in order to identify deficiencies in psychometric behaviors. This has a correlation with many other psychometric dimensions including big five.


After calculating the parameters of my personality, I have realized that this is a useful indicator. It makes a person understand a clear picture of which areas he should focus on and how to make decisions. This test takes information about the personality and shows how the person behaves in routine. The decision made at the end is totally objective and may differ from the real-world scenario with some exceptions. However, mostly it tends to give right information about the personality. This is widely used in many HR setting but judging personality only depending on this test is not a wise decision. Some other parameters should also be included to increase authenticity.

Self-awareness reflection

My intuition is strong. I am good at analyzing the situation at hand and then taking appropriate action based on the future view.

Though I give more weight to my feelings, I should consider my mind and think as well. Therefore, I should improve in the area of making balance in my feelings and thinking. This will help me a lot in dealing with scenarios in a better way.

To improve this, I would focus on improving my emotional intelligence. When the time is utilized in thinking more productively, it will assist in overcoming the negative feelings.

By bringing this change, my personality will move in a positive direction. Rather than just seeing the things from an emotional perspective I will focus more on rational choices. In addition, having a control on emotions will keep me from doing certain actions that control my response.

Not controlling this factor will give rise to multiple issues in my personal and professional life. It can result in guilt and fear when encountered with unfavorable outcomes. When I focus more on feelings, it results in the feeling of helplessness because I do not consider the thinking side.


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