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Secrets of Stonehenge Documentary Summary

Stonehenge is a sign of marvellous architecture based in England that catches visitors’ attention from all around the world. This piece of writing will explore to summarize and reflect the given documentary to discover multiple dimensions by the expert excavators and their remarks. It is not the Stone Age, but Stonehenge has become a mystery for human beings for decades and centuries due to its mystery and constrctiuon pattern. For the purpose to know the realities, an army under the leadership of mike parker person was given charge to discover new things. The general information collected so far revealed that it was built before Egyptian Pharos, i.e., 2500 BC. The height of every erected main stone is about 20 feet with 45 tons of weight. Several little stones are called and termed blue whales due to their specific structure and colour.

However, the appearance of these stones depicts some wooden work in this aspect. The excavators dug the surrounding area of Stonehenge; it looks like the people have dug this area as a circle with high precision and accuracy. During excavations, another expert, Mike Pits from British Academy, tried to know the origin and building techniques of this monument. During digging, human bones were discovered, and some stones were also buried. These stones contain dates of 1922. 1923 and 1925. These dates depict as they were carved on these stones resembling death dates of some personal at that time.

The human bones have been identified by Christie Coan with other experts and reach the consequences that these are the human bones of those who were buried earlier. Andrew Young declared this whole episode of the architect as a myth and incredible work of human resources at that time. The experts and scientists can still not understand the exact date or era of construction and construction methods by those people when technology was not so advanced. What technology was used at that time? It is the big question.

Furthermore, It is estimated that the people at that time may use liver fulcrum technology. It is not sure, just an educated guess in this aspect. However, eighteenth-century experts and scientists explored that the symmetry of construction in this regard possess some specific pattern. By observing deeply, it is discovered that the pattern is adorned with the sun’s rising and setting. At dawn and dusk, the beam of light enters and exits in a streamline that gives some idea about their beliefs. Those people’s religious inclination and rituals can be estimated by such symmetry and precision and their alliance with nature. Estimates of experts reveal that they have a robust religious belief system inclined with nature. But nothing can be said with certainty along the shreds of evidence of proof. The present-time people are unable to judge, estimate and infer the customs, religious values, societal aspects and laws of those populations.

However, some pieces of evidence have been found through excavation that leads towards the idea of some weapons. It looks like they were aware of weapons usage for specific purposes. Further, the physical pattern of these stones and the surrounding area gives some clues to River Avon. They used this very river’s water and established their populations around this river. Some estimate also ponders that they may be considered it a sacred water body.

Last but not least, it is clear that nothing can be said with certainty and proof. Various clues and estimates may give the construction date as 3000 BC or before 2500BC. But who built them, and for what purposes? It is still a mystery in this present world for experts, scientists and commoners.

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