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Salvation from Sin

In every religion there are clear guidelines that do good and avoid sin, however; when taking an in-depth look at sin, one can observe that many ambiguous guidelines are surrounding it. Some sins are said to be unforgivable yet it is also stated that ask and you shall receive forgiveness, so if all sins are going to be forgiven in the end then what is the point of creating heaven and hell? Why did Jesus Christ suffer for the sins of humanity? In Christianity and other religions, God’s wrath is talked about more than His love. “Repent or suffer the wrath of God”. Many times the preachers have tried to bring people towards religion but they have failed to do so because they try to scare people into submission instead of telling about the love that God has for His people (Heeren, 2021).

A person should study the religion on their own to understand the message of God because this message becomes tainted in the hands of those who are just trying to increase the number of Church-goers. Stating that salvation only exists for the believers seems like a cruel notion and God is not cruel, it is the man that takes the peaceful message of religion and turns it into a quest for salvation or eternal damnation. Salvation is promised to human beings that were good people, but saying that salvation is only possible for the believers and not for those who led a good life however; they were not believers. This seems like a message from man and not from God as He is merciful (Erickson, 2001). In today’s world, constraints of religion is the reason that many people turn away from the promise of salvation. These constraints do not make sense and there is a reason behind that which is that these constraints are imposed by man but not by God. He promised salvation to all who led a pious life without discrimination (Esler, 1975).


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