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Review of Raging Bull (1980)

Critically acclaimed Raging Bull (1980) was directed by Martin Scorsese. The film is a combination of vivid cinematography, visionary directing and smart storytelling. Raging Bull is not just an ordinary movie that tells about the emotional journey of a self-destructive boxer, Jake La Motta, but also with other aspects of life like fate, the difference between good and evil, human feelings and emotions, and various other subjects that could affect human lifestyle.

Martin Scorsese played a significant role in this movie by adding a flair of art to the movie making it an enormous screen accomplishment. Film’s continuous source of surprise is the method characters developed to hide and disclose their secretive benefits, and the way they are misjudged by others. The film is not giving away its mysteries too soon, and blunt talk in the movie are scintillating for the viewers.

Dependably challenging and entertaining throughout the initial period, ticks into extraordinary gear midway. Raging Bull has a sense of tragedy behind physical force: external violence seeps inside a man’s and make him self-destruct. The film examines the main character’s actions as it moves the story along at a brisk pace, a considerable achievement in itself. Production design was entirely up to the mark and costumes used in the film boost the film’s look of intended reality, adding much-needed flair to the movie.

Raging Bull was made in black and white and the reason was period legitimacy and to differentiate it from Rocky (1976). Also, Scorsese didn’t want to portray that amount of a blood in a color picture. General debate on realism and formalism lean toward framing, lighting, position and camera movement. But one has to realize that other things can also be considered as realist or formalist. Raging Bull is supposed to be a part of the realist film genre. Overall, Raging Bull has its flaws and limitations but it as a beautiful epiphany of natural beauty and human emotions.

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