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Requesting Bank Loan to Establish a Veterinary Clinic

The formal report will describe the details about the Vet’s clinic to the bank on the mission, vision, type of the business, services, target customers, needs of its servers, and the total cost. The purpose of the report will be to give the bank reason to lend money. That is why a comprehensive business plan will be developed that will paint the correct picture and will be proof to back up the business with the help of money lent by the bank. The report will focus on all the aspects of a new Veterinary clinic’s plan of activities to be presented to the bank along with the bank loan request letter. The clinic is expected to attract a large target market because of its differentiated services and the pay-back period is also expected to be the shortest. The audience of the report will be the investors/ vets clinic owners and banks.

The project is about requesting a loan from the bank for establishing a Veterinary clinic in Richmond. The name of the clinic will be “The Cure, ” and it will provide a broad range of medical services to the pet owners of the city. The majority of the Richmond residents have multiple pets, and there is currently just three vet clinic that are serving the residents. These clinics are half an hour’s drive from the residential area, and there is a need for a vet’s clinic that is easily accessible to all people. The clinic will adopt the individualized approach to taking care of the pets and will use state-of-the-art technology and techniques to treat the pets (Weese, Armstrong 631). The clinic will also publish Animal Healthcare Magazine on regular basis to provide the owners with the latest health-related information needed to take the best care of their pets. A detailed plan of the clinic will be presented with the bank letter. I believe that the prevention that is equal to an ounce is worth equal to the pound of cure. It is mandatory to give the pets preventive services that include vaccinations, nutrition, wellness, and healthcare education.


I want to establish a Vets Clinic because it is related to my field as I am obtaining my degree in Vet Tech. I have also been working with a Veterinarian named Sage Surface as an intern. I am gaining practical experience with the degree so that I would better be able to serve the community by developing the best vet clinic out of my knowledge. I would provide all the facilities that other vets lack or have not yet incorporated in their clinics to serve the pets in the best way. This might include using modern equipment and innovative technology for check-ups and treatments. This field is my passion as I love animals and want to serve them by providing healthcare facilities. I want to start a new clinic that would be improved, and innovative, and will use the best facilities to help the patients.

III-Work Plan

Task breakdown Time Schedule
Collection of Information through the internet, clinics visits, literature, and interviews 15th July 2017
Breaking down information into various categories on the headings 20th July 2017
Developing an estimated budget schedule for the project including printing, traveling, and telephone expenses 22 July 2017
Generating charts and graphics to present the information 25th July 2017
Developing a business plan to present as the support document and as evidence of the work 30th July 2017
Writing a bank loan request letter 01st Aug 2017
Formatting the plan and letter 03rd Aug 2017
Developing a list of bibliography with an accurate format 5th Aug 2017
Proofreading and editing the entire project 7th Aug 2017.
Final Reading 8th Aug 2017
Binding 8th Aug 2017


The total cost that will be requested from the bank as the loan for the clinic will be $ 300,000. The start-up cost of the Veterinary clinic will include the cost of the medical, lab, and surgical equipment along with the other expenses. The cost breakdown is given as follows:

Start-Up Expenses
Legal $5,000
Stationery $2,000
Medical Equipment $100,000
Lab Equipment $75,000
Surgical Equipment $55,000
Furniture and Fixtures $10,000
Insurance $15,000
Rent $3,000
Kennel Equipment $13,000
Utilities $4,000
Personnel’s Cost before Opening $5,000
Advertising/Promotions $3,000
Pay Roll $10,000
Total Cost $300,000

V- Conclusion:

My proposal for the formal project that is requesting a bank loan for opening a Veterinary Clinic is about giving the bank enough reason to lend me the loan for the clinic that will provide differentiated services to the patient pets. The project will be based on the actual information gathered from the institutions that I have worked with and other related sources. The project will not only be beneficial for me but also for the bank, community, and other stakeholders (Roberts, Felicia 444). The formal report will be based on a business plan and a request letter to the bank to advance me the loan for this venture.


Roberts, Felicia. “Speaking to and for animals in a veterinary clinic: A practice for managing interpersonal interaction.” Research on Language and Social Interaction 37.4 (2004): 421-446.

Weese, J. S., A. S. Peregrine, and J. Armstrong. “Occupational health and safety in small animal veterinary practice: Part I—Nonparasitic zoonotic diseases.” The Canadian veterinary journal 43.8 (2002): 631.



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