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This report contains detailed information about the employees of our company. The purpose of this report is to calculate the amount of pay raise that will be awarded to each employee in the coming year. The data is collected by their performance in the company in the current year and how each employee proved himself deserving the raise or not. The report will provide information about each employee with his post and pay raise information

Mr. Arthur Tressler – Head of Human Resource

Mr. Tressler has been working with the company for past ten years and has proved to be loyal, trustworthy, responsible and obedient to his service. He is 59 years old, and he is retiring next year. He will be granted a monthly 2000$ raise in his pay that makes 40% of his current pay. This amount is provided as an appreciation gesture for his services in the company

Mr. Jerry Holden – Customer Care and Sales Manager

Mr. Jerry is working with the company for two years, and he has a strong academic background in Marketing and Sales. In the current year, he has increased our monthly customer engagement and retention factor by 12%. As an appreciation for his outstanding performance, I have decided to grant him a raise of 3000$ monthly which will increase his pay to 9000$ monthly.

Mr. Faceman Peck – System Engineer and IT Associate

Mr. Peck is a recent graduate of Computer Sciences joined the company as an intern just four months ago. He was trained by our previous system engineer and understood the systems in less than a month. His performance is improving every month, and he also received the title for “employee of the month” of the past month. With his expertise, the company systems are working smoothly, and his work needs appreciation. As he is an internal his pay was initially 2000$ per month, I have decided to offer him a permanent position with 1000$ increase his pay which will be further increased if he continued giving a performance.

Miss Stephanie Wachsberger – Secretary

Miss Stephanie’s performance in the last year was good, but for the past few months she making mistakes in the records, forget the time of meetings, and important schedules. In her meeting with HR she told us that she is going through a crucial time, she recently got divorced, and she has to pay for her expenses as well as for her little girl. I have decided to help her in this time of need, and we will see if her performance restores. She will be granted a 900$ increase in her pay.

Adam Shilstone – Engineering Administrator

Adam Shilstone’s performance was poor the whole year his team failed to provide the deliverables in the past month on the promised schedule, and we have received complaints from some customers on flaws in the finished product. This time he will not receive any raise.

Teddy Burke – Electrical Engineer

Teddy Burke joined the company three years ago, and he has proved to have great troubleshooting skills, he is responsible for rectification of electrical and mechanical issues in the machinery, and he has outstanding skills of time management, and leadership, and complete educational background and experience of the field. He had worked day and night for days when any fault occurred and worked with dedication until he rectified the faults. His day and night efforts are the cause our machinery is working smoothly. He will be awarded 1500$ raise in his pay as an appreciation.

The Budget allotted to me was 10000$, and I have totaled the annual increase in pay to 8400$ the Employees not mentioned in this report do not qualify for any pay increase. The Remaining 1600$ from this annual budget will be used to increase our customer engagement program. The Sales department being the face of the company will receive an additional budget of 1600$ monthly that will be used for the more targeted approach to sales.



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