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Recommendation Letter for a Friend Aspiring to be A Medical Technician


(Recommender’s Name)


Dated: 21st July 2022.


(Whom it may concern)


Subject: Recommendation Letter for a Friend Aspiring to be A Medical Technician

Dear (Name),

It has been my great pleasure to write this letter to recommend my favorite friend, a star performer, [friend’s name] who I know for more than 5 years. Throughout our friendship journey, he has been an attentive, sincere, caring, devoted, and upright individual who always observes every task meticulously, loves solving his friends’ issues, and executes every project while keeping an eye on each detail regarding the analysis of every medical project, case study, and each assignment related to the field. I observe him participating in cases with science, experience, and logic that makes him stand out among other people I know who have a passion for the medical field that ensure effective results of the cases most of the time. His ability to use Science and logic takes him to another level of knowledge among all our friends and his intellectual curiosity compels him to scrutinize a particular issue and devise a variety of solutions for it which sometimes I even find difficult after having 15 years of experience as a certified nurse anesthetist in the medical field.

I write to you in support of his application to your medical technician program at Gurnick Academy. I have been providing my services in the healthcare field for the past 15 years and [friend’s name] is no doubt the most dedicated, caring, intellectual, and thoughtful person I have ever met in my life. Through his attention to the medical field and his passion for medical technology, he has demonstrated a high level of commitment to the medical field and his studies. His active and thought-provoking participation throughout our conversations related to the medical field has helped my other friends to consolidate different ideas, find a variety of solutions to particular medical issues, and execution of evidence-based solutions whenever I and my friends get the time for the pep talk. He is always humble to share knowledge, seeks experts’ guidance, and offers to counsel to those who need it. Adding to this fact, I would love to take into your consideration that [friend’s name] is an adventurous individual who loves to take risks and initiatives and a generous person who dedicates his time to positivity. It is always a treat to have him as a student as well as a friend as he makes great use of knowledge and the information related to medical technology, so I love sharing my routine medical cases and experiences with him.

I hope you will find [friend’s name] worth the medical technician program at your institute. I wish [friend’s name] all the best of his luck in all his endeavors.

Yours Sincerely,

[Recommender’s name]



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