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David Lack Character Analysis


The purpose of this paper is to establish the violation of medical ethics in using Henrietta’s cells without her consent or that of the family. The book clearly shows that Hela cells were used without the knowledge of the family, and therefore, their right to give informed consent was violated. David Day Lacks officially married his wife in 1941 and had fathered two children with her in 1935 and in 1939. He worked in Bethlehem Steel and bought a house in Maryland where they lived. It is important to note that after the death of his wife, David was a poor father, as we shall see.

David Lack is a hard-working man. When his wife was alive, they worked hard to support each other and their children. He worked in a steel mill, which must have been hard labor for someone without any formal education. When his wife died, he took two jobs to try and support his family, but he was so selfish and disorganized his hard-earned money did not help his children.

David lack is irresponsible and careless. David was born from a poor background characterized by extreme hardships working on his grandfather’s farm. David is a man of bad character in his behavior. He is not faithful to his wife since when she goes to the hospital, she is diagnosed with both syphilis and gonorrhea, which finally contributes to her cancer of the cervix. After he distributed his children, he must have known the evils they were suffering at the hands of his relatives. For this reason, it’s easy to conclude that he is not empathetic, nor is he loving.

David lack is selfish and self-centered. When his wife dies, he only thinks of himself and literally abandons his children with his relative. Although he was a hardworking man, he never gave adequate financial and moral support to his children, although he must have known they were being abused. David was self-centered and also only concerned with what he could get. After the death of his wife, he says he agreed to an autopsy, hoping that this would help his children and grandchildren, which is hypocritical considering the way he treats them later.


David Lack is a man who was born in a miserably poor background and had a difficult childhood, just like his wife. Although he was a hardworking man, he had bad character traits, such as being self-centered and selfish. He is also seen as irresponsible and does not take due care even when he sees them suffering. Although he dies at an old age, his life is full of regrets and despair at the end.


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