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Race And Gender In Today’s Society

Autoethnography Essay

What do your experiences teach us about the larger workings of class, race, gender, and/or sexuality in our society? It is not possible to tell your whole life story here or to address all of the aforementioned statuses. Narrow your focus and develop a specific sociological analysis. Your thesis should answer the broad questions: “What do your individual experiences teach us about the larger social system?”

Race, specifically, is a pattern in which humans are categorized into different groups or teams. It is mostly based on shared physical traits, body structure, color, and social or cultural backgrounds. For example, black people in the United States are categorized as African Americans due to their color, ethnicity, and cultural background. Race biases are present in almost every society in the world today, in which some races are considered superior then to others, such as white Americans being considered superior compared to African Americans due to their race and ethnic background. Similarly, the gender is a term used to differentiate between men and women. It is a state of being male or female. Gender is considered a social institution. “As a social institution, gender is one of the major ways that human beings organize their lives” (Lorber and Farrell). Gender and race have a strong relationship with each other as these are among the most important factors in any society. In societies, gender and race have different work patterns and different levels of consideration. The working pattern or class of the societies prefers males over females, and if the working class females belong to a race that is less considered by society, then it is more difficult for them to survive in the working environment.

I have analyzed my life and found that there are different rules and regulations for men and women in most societies in the world today. Most societies are male-dominated, in which the females are less likely to work, or if they work, they have to suffer from male dominance. Males are less likely to provide space for women, especially in the working environment. Moreover, compared to females, males easily get jobs. Many times in my life, I have realized that women are working in lower ranks or lower positions as compared to their accountabilities and abilities because they are not offered suitable positions. I have a friend named Martha, who is a university graduate in fashion design and working as an assistant buyer in a popular company. She shared with me her experience that, many times, her promotion stopped, and she did not get promoted due to the male-dominated environment. She also told me that many males, who are less compatible than her and less qualified, are working in good positions in the company as compared to her. It depicts the male dominance and different scenarios for males and females in the society.

Moreover, when it comes to race, women suffer more than men. My other friend, Maggie, is working in a firm, but due to the fact that she is an African American, she faced several troubles during her job. She told me that the employer of the company is good, but the rest of the staff is biased with race and ethnic issues. Several times, she faced abuse from the white male staff, but she needed the job and knew that complaining about the staff would not help her, so she always adopted a way to stay quiet. Race and gender for males are less complicated as compared to females, who suffer more if they are females and belong to a race less acceptable in any society.

According to C. Wright Mills (1959), “The sociological imagination enables a person to take into account how individuals, in the welter of their daily experience, often become falsely conscious of their social positions” (Mills). Social positions are mostly determined by society, and these are the ones that allow the societal pattern to grant different social positions to men and women. In male-dominated societies, the social positions of women are inferior to men, and men take several advantages due to their social position in society. Similarly, racism also exists in the gay and lesbian community. However, many gay activists believe that there are no racism issues that exist or persist in the gay community (Tarrant). But it is not true, in my perception gay community also faces racism issues as they have to face difficulties due to their cultural and ethnic background. My father told me about a gay couple at his office who used to date, but due to ethnic issues, they separated as they faced several issues regarding their relationship. In my opinion, racism and racial issues are severe and complicated as well, and these are consistently impacting negatively most world societies. According to my perception, considering that one’s race is perfect or superior is the major flaw, and considering that one’s race is less than the other ones and it is shameful to belong to this race is another major flaw of society. These societal issues are hindrances in the peace or welfare of many societies, such as the United States of America. However, male dominance does not exist in the United States due to certain rights and freedoms as compared to other world countries.

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