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“Making the questions “dis-fluent” causes people to think more deeply about whatever they come across. They’ll use more resources on it. They’ll process more deeply or think more carefully about what’s going on. If they have to overcome a hurdle, they’ll overcome it better when you force them to think a little harder” (Gladwell, pg 59).

Analysis & Explanation:

The recorded history of the human generation shows that human nature and instincts perform with full zeal and zest under more challenging circumstances. The maximum output of human wisdom and thinking power in alliance with the best decision power emerge under severe but bearable circumstantial pressure. The assigned chapter also reveals the same fact and persuades the reader to stand stern before hardships and deficiencies without compromising the rule of courage decorated with hope. The subject material showers the beam of high energy on the reader to face life’s difficulties with courage, patience, and hard work to achieve the goal. The said quote is chosen as it provides a way to construct human beings on the said principle of preparation for the worst and hope for the best.

While the assigned chapter for this discussion has aroused some critical events in my life, I lost hope and surrendered to circumstances. But some of my friends make me realized that these hardships are to polish our abilities and vigor our capacities instead of submitting. At the same time, I collapsed with many subjects’ high burden and pressure during the study in my last year of high school. I lost hope regarding passing those courses, but the courage and hope enlightened within me by my friends make me able to pass with high grades. I have also faced a severe financial crisis, but my passion for fighting, planning, and hard work fetched me out. So, according to my viewpoint, this reading material revealed my story and my past.

As far as my viewpoint regarding the world is concerned, the said chapter has much more right direction. My glasses depict the World as a place where every person has specific qualities, and nature urges us to perform our duties within that particular domain. Nature does not pressurize swimmers to fly in the air. For example, many renowned personalities who leave landmarks are deficient in one way or another, i.e., Richard Branson and Charles Schwab had dyslexia.

Similarly, my viewpoints are somewhat modified and changed after thoroughly reading the said chapter. Before reading, I thought that life is divided into various sectors according to the aging zone of all of us. And specific life zone requires detailed hard work, where hard-working concepts and practice go away after a particular spot of time. But I learned from David Boies’ case that nature rewards whenever one works hard. The struggle is a timeless phenomenon in this aspect. However, I’m afraid, I have to disagree with the conclusion by the author regarding the IQ level of students. I think it varies from person to person and is not institutionally based.

Moreover, this chapter addresses things very vividly which are solely important for the world. It gives new horizons to humanity, including my family and my people, that we have wrongly interpreted disadvantages and deficiencies. These are not excuses to become lazy and looser but are motivational nerves that spark the minds to think and persuade the bodies to work. And same has been practiced by many incredible personals in history, and we should also move in that direction after those torchbearers. So, this world can be a happy and peaceful to live in for all human beings irrespective of area, color, caste, and creed.

Work Cited

Gladwell, Malcolm. David and Goliath: Underdogs, misfits, and the art of battling giants. Little, Brown, (2013): 59.



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