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J.M’s Family Case Study

The verdict issued by the judge acted in the best interests of the child. In my view, the denial of a paternity test was meant to save the child from severe complications regarding custody. As long as the secret lover could not officially prove that the child was his, then J.M. and his wife could be declared as the legal parents of B.S.M. the verdict also played a significant role in ensuring the survival of the family.

The couple’s decision to stay together despite the challenges had a very positive impact on the children. To start with, it prevented the children from suffering from the effects of separation and divorce. The divorce of the parents could have left the children suffering emotionally, isolated, and lonely. Also according to Bronfenbrenner’s ecological systems theory, full parental interactions have a significant impact in influencing the social and emotional development of the children.

The children in J.M’s family are going through a lot of stress, and this situation is worsened by the fact that they cannot help solve the case. However, the children can use the following strategies to cope with the situation. They can learn a few quick calming strategies such as deep breathing or find good distractions like helping others or finding something that makes them laugh. They can also start a dialogue with their parents and request them to find a solution. Postpartum depression can be as a result of the biological and psychological disorder. Dysregulation of the thyroid hormone after birth is known to cause depression and fatigue that may result in the condition. New mothers also suffer from psychological and emotional stress especially after delivery, and as a result, their attitude towards the infant can change drastically.

Babies are always ready to create an attachment with their mothers, their primary caretaker, and it is the role of their mothers to initiate this bonding. They can achieve this through talking, playing and laughing with the infants. They can also learn to eat, sleep and spend a lot of time with their babies. This attachment is essential for the social development of the child. It determines how the toddler will grow up relating to other people and the society. Considering the social and emotional requirements as the child grows also influences the emotional and social behavior of the child.

Assisted suicide is not ethically justified, and the individual who knowingly advises the victim commits a crime that is almost equal to murder. I do not agree with Brittany Maynard’s decision to end her own life. Despite the suffering, the right to kill is entirely reserved to God alone, and we have no responsibility of ending our lives. In my case, I could instruct my family to look after themselves and work hard to better their future.

Part II

In my childhood, I could only view two TV programs per week because my parents closely supervised my TV viewing. Although it seemed harsh by then, their regulation helped me to focus my energy on other productive aspects such as playing and learning.

I agree with the American Academy of Pediatrics recommendations. Media viewing has no significant advantage in the development of children and its regulation to only 1 hour per day will help have ample time to play, study and attend to other social functions.

Sara Dewitt’s video helps us view the positive side of screen time for kids. She explains the advantage of some of the programs that kids use and their impact on the children’s academic life. Her ideas are valid, and parents can use Dewitt’s research to ignore some of the fears they have about their children’s screen time. However, they have controlled the amount of time and type of program they expose to their children.



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